Montag, 25. April 2011

What I got for Easter


The Easter Bunny was really nice to me and brought only things I liked (maybe the little wishlist I wrote helped). As usual I got books. But not any books, but books about my favorite things: sewing and ballet. Can´t wait to read the ballet history and watch the ballet film. The sewing book has so cute photos. And some nice ideas. Think I will write a review about this soon.
The novel at the top was no real Easter present. My Mom only gave it to me this weekend. The story is set at the end of the 30s. I am really looking forward to read it.
The round things at the sides are belt buckles and I got them from my boyfriends Grandma. She is so nice and sometimes gives me sewing things she has at home and never uses. Hopefully I can use them in a good way.

The Easter weekend was very nice. I was on vacation with my parents and my boyfriend. The weather was so nice and warm and sunny. Hope to show you some photos soon (they are all on my boyfriends camera and he is at his home today). How was your Easter weekend? Did you get some nice presents?

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