Freitag, 28. Februar 2014

Once upon a knit by Genevieve Miller


As I already mentioned I am a sucker for fairy tales. So I was really excited when this new knitting book by the author of Vampire Knits came out. This time she collected knitting patterns inspired by fairy tales. What I really like is, that there are not only the well known fairy tales but also some more uncommon ones.


I like almost all of the patterns and could imagine wearing a lot of these. There are some nice bolero patterns, which I eventually want to make in the future. In the book are patterns for beginners and more advanced knitters alike. So this book really has something for everyone. There is not only stuff to wear for adults and children, but also some decoration and toys. It is a well made book,which I really like to have in my collection.


Donnerstag, 27. Februar 2014

Mittwoch, 26. Februar 2014

Nankeen Boots Giveaway at American Duchess


American Duchess released a new shoe and I am crazy in love with it. Over on her blog you have the chamce to win a pair of these great Regency Boots.

Montag, 24. Februar 2014

The Flow Book for Paper Lovers


I recently came across a magazine for all kind of paper crafts. It is new here in Germany. I did not buy the magazine, but ordered their anniversary book which is full of templates, papers, postcards, stickers and so on.


This book is such a treasure chest, I really love it. It is fun to only look at all the pictures and papers in there and I can't wait to use some of the things for my filofax, my scrapbook and to use the letter papers. This is a great buy if you want a lot of different papers and paper stuff for a real good price.



You can order the book here.

Sonntag, 23. Februar 2014

Milky Bunny


I recently discovered a new artist which I really like. Because this is a rare thing I love this moment.


Milky Bunny is a Japanese model who started a career as singer. I really like her voice. It is by far not perfect, but not so overly cute like many other Japanese singers. The Album is a nice mix. Some songs are more happy and light while others rock a bit more. I can hear this album as a nice background music. And of course I like her style. She has a great vintage modern look, especially in her new music video.

Freitag, 21. Februar 2014



My lips are really dry, so I am always on the hunt for something to make them feel better. So I came across Lanolips and was lucky enough to get their products from a British online shop. 

Lanolips is an Australian Company. They produce creams with lanolin, which is said to help a lot with dry skin. Their products are not cheap, but I think they are worth it.

I ordered their normal 101 Ointment which should help all kinds of dry skin like chapped lips, ellbows and so on. I did not use this very often, but it feels good on the lips. Right now it is already in my clinic bag.
The second product I got is the Lemonaid Lip Aid. This should also exfoliate the lips. I use it every evening before I get to bed and it does not do wonders, but my lips really feel better.

I can really recommend this products. They feel great on the skin and also smell nice (I heard some lanolin products smell terrible). I think at least the 101 Ointment is nice to have on hands. Maybe I try their hand cream next.

Mittwoch, 19. Februar 2014



I am really a sucker for paper art. I wish I had more time to doodle and make cards and so on. For this purpose this is a great book. It has some really nice ideas to get you drawing. Most are not very complicated, they only need time. This book is so creative. The different artists offer a nice range of styles and ideas. I think everybody could find something in here.




Dienstag, 18. Februar 2014

Diaper Bag


With the big event coming closer and closer it is time to get some stuff for baby and me. Maybe the first thing I bought is not the most necessary, but I had to have this cute diaper bag by Pink Lining. Isn't it great. I think the style goes with a lot of my things and is cute but not overly kitschy. The bag is really big and I hope I can carry all the stuff I need in it.


The bag comes with a changing mat and a clear bag for diapers. The brand Pink Lining is not cheap, but it was one of the affordable bags (I had my eye on some made out of leather and these were so expensive). I think I can still use this bag when diaper time is over. Right now it will serve as my hospital bag.


Sonntag, 16. Februar 2014

My Filofax


I have to admit, the fever caught me and I am finally the proud owner of a Filofax. I don't want to tell you why this is so special, only that I love mine and can't wait to use it. I have no calendar for this year, because I still use my Moleskine and will order one for next year. In the meantime I plan to make some custom pages for my planner.





I even got some free address pages with my order.


Samstag, 15. Februar 2014

Lost by Gregory Maguire


This was a somewhat strange book. I had some problems to really get into the whole thing. The story centers around a writer who lost her inspiration and travels to London to get it there. She stays at her cousins house and suddenly strange things happen. This book was kind of a ghost story, but somehow more about the ghosts that hound as from the past.

The book was interesting and sometimes even scary, but it left me a bit helpless. There were many things put into it. It is definitely no light read.

I would give this book 3/5 stars.