Donnerstag, 30. August 2012

Picking Flowers


Because of our third anniversay I thought I make a dress my boyfriend would like. So because he liked the cover of Simplicity 1872 (because of the short skirt and the neckline) I decided on this one (I bought it mainly because of the sleeves to use with another pattern, but hey).

I then had the crazy idea to make it out of silk chiffon. So I decided on one I already had at home and ordered some more. This is the first dress I underlined and my first french seams. I am happy I underlined the top, because the chiffon was so hard to work with.


I changed the pattern a bit and only made one skirt, no double layer. I used the upper skirt of view C, because the under layers are attached to a yoke.

The lining fabric is also silk. I cut up my old Rococo Dress for it (it hurt a bit, but really, I will never wear it again, because it doesn't fit me anymore and the fabric was not good enough for this project).

Sewing the top and the skirt lining was very easy. The pattern got together really well. I had some trouble with the chiffon skirt, because the hem was not even.

I added an elastic in the waist, because otherwise the dress looked like a sack and I was not sure a belt would be enough to make it look good. I even found a pink one that does not show through.


All in all I am satisfied with this dress. Unfortunately it's not something I really like to wear. I feel a bit naked wearing it. So it's nothing for work. But I think I will wear it at the weekends or special occassions. At least my boyfriend liked it.

And sorry for the hair style. I had to curl my hair for the next day and had nothing to cover it.

Oh, and did you know Barbie had a Youtube Channel? The Life in the Dreamhouse episodes are really funny.

Donnerstag, 23. August 2012

New Patterns

I bought some new vintage patterns over the last few months.



I can´t decide on a favorite here, but I really want to make the coat at the bottom. I hope I can make it for this winter.



I couldn´t resist this elegant suit. It looks so pretty. And the maternity pattern is so cute.

60s and 70s


Isn´t this skort not adorable? I wished I already made it, it would be so useful for this hot weather.

Mittwoch, 15. August 2012

Follow the laws


A former colleague of mine, who is now studying law asked me if I could make a bag for her law book. She had only an ugly grocery bag, which fitted the measurements, but didn´t like it. She wished for something colorful and bright. I used some fabrics I had already at home (the patterned one is from Ikea) and had it done in an evening. I really like to sew quick things from time to time.


I really like the bag. I tried to be really careful and I think it looks very neat and professionell. The receiver said the liked it a lot. I hope she does and the bag will be useful.

Donnerstag, 2. August 2012

Photo a day July - Day twenty-one to thirty-one

The last batch and I decided to do it again in August. Yay! It was so much fun.





Your addiction

My addiction







On the road

On the road

On the floor

On the floor

Upside down

Upside Down

A stranger

A Stranger