Montag, 26. März 2012



I recently bought the first Doodle-Stitching book. Had the second one for a while now and I love all the cute motifs and projects. For some time I avoided the first book, because some people said, the second is better. Now that I have the first book, I have to admit they are right. I really like the motifs and projects in the second book better. The projects are more practical and the great motif collection is stunning. But I do not regret I bought the first book for my collection. One reason is that I simply like the designers style. You really should visit here blog and her etsy shop. I even bought something from her etsy shop. Her embroidery is so cute and reminds me of fairytales and lonely woods. And I have to admit, even if the projects in the first book are more decorative, I really like some of them (who could resist cute forest animals?). So I am happy to have a new cute book in my collection.

And I was a bad girl and ordered a new embroidery book only yesterday. I hope it arrives soon so I can show it to you. Maybe to make it a bit better, I am near to finish my piece for the Stitch Swap. I found some nice additions in my stash.

Oh, and I sewed something, but I want to get some nice photos before I can show it to you.

Montag, 12. März 2012

New Ottobre


Last week I got the new Ottobre. I was very excited, but then a little bit disappointed. All in all I like this issue. The colors and fabric patterns are really nice and everything is very wearable. But the most patterns were not my style. There are some cute things, I would have made two or three years ago. What a shame! I only found two things I might want to sew, but not in the next time. For me the patterns could be a bit more fitted. Most of the things are very loose. Pretty if you like it, but nothing for my taste at the moment.

At least the Ottobre magazines are a great pattern stock. If I have a specific project in mind, I can browse trough my issues and find some basic patterns.

Montag, 5. März 2012

I sewed something


I know it´s been a long time since I posted something selfmade. This is my first piece in 2012. I was so lazy the last months.

For this dress I used a vintage pattern from the 60s. The fabric is an old bedsheet I got at ebay. The sewing was easy except the zipper. I somehow had a little trouble with it. Overall I really like this dress. I wore it already two times and think this could be a great everyday dress.