Dienstag, 26. April 2011

Easter Weekend

As I said I was on a little vacation with my parents and my boyfriend. We stayed at Jüdenberg a little village near Gräfenhainichen. There are so many castles and other things to see.

Outfit of the first day:


I wear something comfortable for the train ride. I love these shorts. With the blouse it reminds me of the 50s. And I had to wear the hat. I have it for some time now and never wear it. Makes the outfit even more vintage.

Second day:


The second day we were at Ferropolis, the town made of steel. There are some big and old machines from opencast mining. I had much fun to take photos. Wear my recently finished 40s dress. It was nice to wear I only underestimated the weather and did not take my jacket with me. Sometimes it was a bit chilly, because there was a big lake. It was perfect for my father. He loves all kind of machines.
After Ferropolis we were at Oranienbaum, a little city with a cute castle. We wanted to visit Wörlitz, but there were so many people.



A big wheel, isn´t it?

Today we were at the Goitzsche. There they made a big lake out of a mining area. It was really nice. Could imagine to go there again. Then we went home. My parents took me home with the car so we did not have to take the train.

It was a very nice weekend. I love having time with my parents. It´s sad that we see each other so seldom.

Montag, 25. April 2011

What I got for Easter


The Easter Bunny was really nice to me and brought only things I liked (maybe the little wishlist I wrote helped). As usual I got books. But not any books, but books about my favorite things: sewing and ballet. Can´t wait to read the ballet history and watch the ballet film. The sewing book has so cute photos. And some nice ideas. Think I will write a review about this soon.
The novel at the top was no real Easter present. My Mom only gave it to me this weekend. The story is set at the end of the 30s. I am really looking forward to read it.
The round things at the sides are belt buckles and I got them from my boyfriends Grandma. She is so nice and sometimes gives me sewing things she has at home and never uses. Hopefully I can use them in a good way.

The Easter weekend was very nice. I was on vacation with my parents and my boyfriend. The weather was so nice and warm and sunny. Hope to show you some photos soon (they are all on my boyfriends camera and he is at his home today). How was your Easter weekend? Did you get some nice presents?

Montag, 18. April 2011

Make-up: Eyes

Mostly I lay my focus on the lips so I have not so many eye things, but in the last time I try to experiment a bit.


My two eyeliners are very old and I don´t use them much. Same goes for the Alverde eyeliner gel. I recently bought a Artdeco eyeliner. Maybe I post a review of it as soon as I used it a bit more often. I am really a novice with eyeliner. Often I only use eyeshadow to do the job.
The eyeshadow base is a must if I wear eyeshadow the whole day. It does not hold all day, but definitely longer.


1 - H&M eyeshadow palette: Great for daily make-up. There is a little how-to on the back and I think it looks really good.

2 - P2 Wonderland collection: I like green for the eyes. Don´t use this much, but sometimes I need a little color.

3 - Manhattan Limited edition: I use this a lot, because it is applied fast in the morning and looks good. I have the matching nail color for both shades.

4 - Artdeco: I am still getting used to this. The color is really intense, which is good for an evening make-up, but not for the day. I hope that Artdeco will release some new shades that I like in the future.

Montag, 11. April 2011

Sewing Productivity

Tilly recently wrote about a project about sewing productivity in her blog. I know her problem very well. I have so many plans and fabric I want to sew, but it seems there is no time for it. But it´s only a thing of time management. So I will analyse the next weeks how much time I spend sewing and what I do the rest of the time. And hope I get some ideas to improve my sewing habit.

More infos here:

Edit: As a result the one big thing that hinders me from sewing is my own lazyness. There are often so many others things I prefer to sewing (especially if the sewing project is complicated or time consuming), internet, reading, friends and so on. But I think, there has to be room for these things in my life too. And sometimes I think I have so many clothes I really don´t need this new blouse or dress and at least I don´t need it now. So maybe I should calm down, sew when I feel like and enjoy it more. There is only one thing I want to try - use also small time. Sometimes I have only half an hour and then say it´s not worth to make something, but it could be this half hour that helps me, when I finish the project. And with my timeplan this would be a great improvement.

Samstag, 9. April 2011

Vintage Patterns: The 40s

The 40s are my favorite style at the moment. I love the simple but elegant clothing of the decade. There are so many wonderful pieces, which do not need a lot of fabric. I think it fits my own style very well.

So here are my patterns:



Advance 4904 - I really like sundresses. Could imagine to wear this dress in summer a lot. I already have fabric for this and hopefully can sew it this month.

Simplicity 2842 - I think this is more of a house dress, but nowadays I would love to wear this at work. I like wrap dresses (and skirts), because the fit doesn´t have to be perfect. I am not sure about which fabric to use for this one. I am on the hunt for one.

Simplicity 2020 - Bought this only for the cute bolero and already made one last month. Unfortunately I had no opportunity to wear it. But when the weather gets warmer I am sure I will wear it a lot with my dresses.

Simplicity 2907 - I think this is my favorite dress pattern of this time that I own. It was my first of this decade too and was the reason I fell in love with the 40s. I already bought fabric and hope it will fit the pattern. Want to make this as an Easter dress.

Advance 3972 - I am not sure about this one. Bought a fabric of the 40s for this (the one in the background), but I think it will not work, because the fabric is a bit faded. Also I am not so sure about the pattern itself.


McCall 5456 - For a short time I had a crush on gypsy blouses. I still like them, but I am not sure if I will make one this summer.

Simplicity 3092 - I love this blouse. Already cut the fabric and sewed together some things, but at the moment it is an UFO. It´s such a shame.

Simplicity 2127 - Same as the one from McCall. I don´t like the gussets at this pattern. Maybe I should sell this.


Simplicity 1228 - This is a maternity pattern. I am not pregnant, but I love unusal patterns (have some more maternity patterns from other decades). And you never know if you could need this one day. At least it is far better than the things you could buy at the moment.

Simplicity 1076 - For the right style you need the right accessoires. I like the little cap and maybe I will even make the big bag.

Simplicity 2026 - When I saw "Pearl Habor" (only recently the first time, story was boring, but the costumes and hair styles where awesome) I fell in love with one of the bikini tops (even if this is not correct for the time). I searched for a pattern and with much luck I found this one, which is almost the exact style. Want to wear this in summer while relaxing in the garden.

Reprodution patterns

Fortunately there are some people who sell reproductions of existing patterns or of patterns in this style.


I think these patterns by Simplicity are good to make some wardrobe staples, even for a modern wardrobe. I want to make the trousers (right one) and the skirt (left one). I am also thinking about making a matching jacket for the skirt.


Eva Dress 2924 - Isn´t the bow at the front adorable?

Wearing History 1001 - This reminds me of nights at the beach. Want to make this for the (hopeful) warm summer, when I don´t know what to wear in the garden. Already cut the fabric for the top and the short skirt. I think I will make the shorts to match the bikini top of Simplicity 2026.

That´s all of my 40s patterns. Hope to make some of them this year.

Freitag, 8. April 2011

Kirby´s Epic Yarn

Recently I am obsessed with "Kirby´s Epic Yarn". Normally I am no big fan of all kinds of computer games, but this game is damn cute. I am also not very good at playing these games. But with Kirby it makes so much fun, to discover each new level.

So, and what has it all to do with sewing? Kirby is transformed into a whorld made out of yarn. Everything is knitted and there are buttons and zippers. You can rip off your enemies. The worlds are all so interesting and there are so many cute ideas so that it did not become boring till now. It´s the perfect game for my boyfriend and me. He loves to play jump´n´run games and I love to watch him play this cute game.

And so that you have a picture here is a trailer:

Beforehand there was a special pre-sales, where you could buy a plush Kirby and get the money back when you buy the game. So the Kirby was free. This cute little guy was the main reason to buy the game at all. But I am glad he caught my sense of cuteness. And sometimes he even helps me sewing:


Donnerstag, 7. April 2011

Outfit: 07.04.2011


I thought I´d post an outfit photo once a while, when I wear something selfmade. This blouse I finished yesterday. Could you imagine I bought the fabric to made an apron out of it? Was at the fabric store Tuesday and wanted to buy fabric for the Emmeline apron, which is a reversible one. I thought of vichy for one side and polka dots for the other, all in red. But they had no dots. So I bought this flower fabric. But then on my way home I thought it was far too nice to make an apron out of it. Nothing against aprons, but it´s nothing I normally wear. More a fun item. And then I had this blouse pattern in mind from the latest issue of Ottobre. So I sewed the blouse on Tuesday and bought and added the buttons yesterday. Of course I had to wear it today. And I thought why not make it vintage. So I added my 50s skirt and the heels. Was fun to wear this outfit!

Dienstag, 5. April 2011

Some thoughts about Me-Made-March

First I enjoyed Me-Made-March much more than I did Self-Stitched-September last year. Maybe it was because of the weather or the things I wore. This time it was more challenging with two instead of one selfmade piece, but somehow I liked my outfits more. I was a bit sad, that I could not wear my dresses so easily, but I discovered my love for skirts with blouses.

I realised that I need more blouses (patternd and solid color especially black) and some more solid color skirts/pants. This would make life much easier.

When I compare the photos with last years I am really surprised how much of a style change I gone through in the last months. The last time it was more into Lolita and a bit more girly, now it is more elegant and grown-up. Vintage fashion really inspire my clothes now. I still like the more girly things, but I more often grab the elegant things. Still I like bright colors, even if I love to wear black. Problem was, that most of my bright things are dresses. Years ago I loved flowers and wanted more fabrics with them. Now there are so many flower fabrics at the shop and I want dots and stripes. I still like flowers, but other things are also nice. I think I don´t like big unusal prints so much now. I have so many of them, but wear them not so often.

If there is a Me-Made-May I am not sure if I will participate. It´s so much work to take a photo every day and decide on the clothing. If I participate I will stay with one selfmade thing a day, so it will be easier to include dresses.

It was a fun experience again and I thank Zoe for this great idea.

I am sorry for this long post about my silly thoughts. Wanted to write down my rant somewhere, maybe to read it in two years and see how my style changed over the time.