Freitag, 8. April 2011

Kirby´s Epic Yarn

Recently I am obsessed with "Kirby´s Epic Yarn". Normally I am no big fan of all kinds of computer games, but this game is damn cute. I am also not very good at playing these games. But with Kirby it makes so much fun, to discover each new level.

So, and what has it all to do with sewing? Kirby is transformed into a whorld made out of yarn. Everything is knitted and there are buttons and zippers. You can rip off your enemies. The worlds are all so interesting and there are so many cute ideas so that it did not become boring till now. It´s the perfect game for my boyfriend and me. He loves to play jump´n´run games and I love to watch him play this cute game.

And so that you have a picture here is a trailer:

Beforehand there was a special pre-sales, where you could buy a plush Kirby and get the money back when you buy the game. So the Kirby was free. This cute little guy was the main reason to buy the game at all. But I am glad he caught my sense of cuteness. And sometimes he even helps me sewing:


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