Dienstag, 5. April 2011

Some thoughts about Me-Made-March

First I enjoyed Me-Made-March much more than I did Self-Stitched-September last year. Maybe it was because of the weather or the things I wore. This time it was more challenging with two instead of one selfmade piece, but somehow I liked my outfits more. I was a bit sad, that I could not wear my dresses so easily, but I discovered my love for skirts with blouses.

I realised that I need more blouses (patternd and solid color especially black) and some more solid color skirts/pants. This would make life much easier.

When I compare the photos with last years I am really surprised how much of a style change I gone through in the last months. The last time it was more into Lolita and a bit more girly, now it is more elegant and grown-up. Vintage fashion really inspire my clothes now. I still like the more girly things, but I more often grab the elegant things. Still I like bright colors, even if I love to wear black. Problem was, that most of my bright things are dresses. Years ago I loved flowers and wanted more fabrics with them. Now there are so many flower fabrics at the shop and I want dots and stripes. I still like flowers, but other things are also nice. I think I don´t like big unusal prints so much now. I have so many of them, but wear them not so often.

If there is a Me-Made-May I am not sure if I will participate. It´s so much work to take a photo every day and decide on the clothing. If I participate I will stay with one selfmade thing a day, so it will be easier to include dresses.

It was a fun experience again and I thank Zoe for this great idea.

I am sorry for this long post about my silly thoughts. Wanted to write down my rant somewhere, maybe to read it in two years and see how my style changed over the time.

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