Samstag, 9. April 2011

Vintage Patterns: The 40s

The 40s are my favorite style at the moment. I love the simple but elegant clothing of the decade. There are so many wonderful pieces, which do not need a lot of fabric. I think it fits my own style very well.

So here are my patterns:



Advance 4904 - I really like sundresses. Could imagine to wear this dress in summer a lot. I already have fabric for this and hopefully can sew it this month.

Simplicity 2842 - I think this is more of a house dress, but nowadays I would love to wear this at work. I like wrap dresses (and skirts), because the fit doesn´t have to be perfect. I am not sure about which fabric to use for this one. I am on the hunt for one.

Simplicity 2020 - Bought this only for the cute bolero and already made one last month. Unfortunately I had no opportunity to wear it. But when the weather gets warmer I am sure I will wear it a lot with my dresses.

Simplicity 2907 - I think this is my favorite dress pattern of this time that I own. It was my first of this decade too and was the reason I fell in love with the 40s. I already bought fabric and hope it will fit the pattern. Want to make this as an Easter dress.

Advance 3972 - I am not sure about this one. Bought a fabric of the 40s for this (the one in the background), but I think it will not work, because the fabric is a bit faded. Also I am not so sure about the pattern itself.


McCall 5456 - For a short time I had a crush on gypsy blouses. I still like them, but I am not sure if I will make one this summer.

Simplicity 3092 - I love this blouse. Already cut the fabric and sewed together some things, but at the moment it is an UFO. It´s such a shame.

Simplicity 2127 - Same as the one from McCall. I don´t like the gussets at this pattern. Maybe I should sell this.


Simplicity 1228 - This is a maternity pattern. I am not pregnant, but I love unusal patterns (have some more maternity patterns from other decades). And you never know if you could need this one day. At least it is far better than the things you could buy at the moment.

Simplicity 1076 - For the right style you need the right accessoires. I like the little cap and maybe I will even make the big bag.

Simplicity 2026 - When I saw "Pearl Habor" (only recently the first time, story was boring, but the costumes and hair styles where awesome) I fell in love with one of the bikini tops (even if this is not correct for the time). I searched for a pattern and with much luck I found this one, which is almost the exact style. Want to wear this in summer while relaxing in the garden.

Reprodution patterns

Fortunately there are some people who sell reproductions of existing patterns or of patterns in this style.


I think these patterns by Simplicity are good to make some wardrobe staples, even for a modern wardrobe. I want to make the trousers (right one) and the skirt (left one). I am also thinking about making a matching jacket for the skirt.


Eva Dress 2924 - Isn´t the bow at the front adorable?

Wearing History 1001 - This reminds me of nights at the beach. Want to make this for the (hopeful) warm summer, when I don´t know what to wear in the garden. Already cut the fabric for the top and the short skirt. I think I will make the shorts to match the bikini top of Simplicity 2026.

That´s all of my 40s patterns. Hope to make some of them this year.

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