Dienstag, 26. April 2011

Easter Weekend

As I said I was on a little vacation with my parents and my boyfriend. We stayed at Jüdenberg a little village near Gräfenhainichen. There are so many castles and other things to see.

Outfit of the first day:


I wear something comfortable for the train ride. I love these shorts. With the blouse it reminds me of the 50s. And I had to wear the hat. I have it for some time now and never wear it. Makes the outfit even more vintage.

Second day:


The second day we were at Ferropolis, the town made of steel. There are some big and old machines from opencast mining. I had much fun to take photos. Wear my recently finished 40s dress. It was nice to wear I only underestimated the weather and did not take my jacket with me. Sometimes it was a bit chilly, because there was a big lake. It was perfect for my father. He loves all kind of machines.
After Ferropolis we were at Oranienbaum, a little city with a cute castle. We wanted to visit Wörlitz, but there were so many people.



A big wheel, isn´t it?

Today we were at the Goitzsche. There they made a big lake out of a mining area. It was really nice. Could imagine to go there again. Then we went home. My parents took me home with the car so we did not have to take the train.

It was a very nice weekend. I love having time with my parents. It´s sad that we see each other so seldom.

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