Montag, 30. Januar 2012

I will love you Monday ...


I embroidered some kitchen towels for my Grandmas birthday. I hope she likes them.

Design is by Wild Olive.

Dienstag, 17. Januar 2012

Dream Shoes

I know I didn´t want to shop and especially no expensive things, but the amazing Lauren from American Duchess just published her new Edwardian shoes for pre-order. I did resist the Georgianas and the Regency shoes, because both were not so necessary for me and could only wear them with my costumes. But these shoes I can wear in daily life and with my Lolita clothes. So ordered a pair in white. I am so excited. I hope they will fit and look good on my feet.

Montag, 16. Januar 2012

I embroidered something


It was my friend´s birthday this week and I had no idea what to give. Finally I bought a book, because she asked me some time ago if I knew some good new books. But I thought only the book was not personal enough. Then I had the idea last Sunday to stitch something for her and because I had a lot of kitchen towels laying here for another project (coming soon) I stitched this cute peekaboo clock. I finished it the evening before her birthday party. I hope she liked it.

Montag, 9. Januar 2012

What I like about ... Winter


♥ I can wear all these cosy things like wool.
♥ Snow covered everything looks magic.
♥ The right excuse to make something inside.

This year we have no real winter here. I so hoped for nice snow photos after all the snow we had last winter.

(I snatched this photo on Christmas Eve at my parents home. The beauty lasted only hours unfortunately.)

Montag, 2. Januar 2012

Sorry, German only

Dieses Jahr will ich es endlich einmal schaffen, meine Vorsätze einzuhalten. Um mich zu motivieren, habe ich mir vorgenommen, darüber zu bloggen. Hier ist der Blog:


Silvester Dress


I had so many sewing plans for the time between christmas and new year but only got around to make one dress. It´s not entirely like I had planned it, but all in all I think it is quite cute.
I used the Colette Truffles pattern from the book. It was very easy to sew. The fit is as always with Colette patterns and my figure not perfect, but I didn´t have time to adjust the pattern. Maybe if I do it again (already have a plan for this).
The chiffon I had laying around here (I once made a skirt out of it, which does not fit anymore). But it was a pain to get a matching fabric at our local fabric store. I wanted a yellow cotton or subtle satin, but yellow was really hard to find at all. So I bought the gingham. Good thing is, I can wear it everyday, but I still think a solid color would have looked better. Maybe I can make a solid color version some day, I have still enough chiffon left over.
I wore the dress for Silvester. We stayed at home and played some games.

I hope you had a nice Silvester and will have a good start into 2012!