Montag, 30. Mai 2011

New Sewing Machine


Finally my new sewing machine came today. I ordered it in April as a sort of Easter present, but it was sold out. I can´t wait to try it out.


Mittwoch, 25. Mai 2011

Vintage Patterns: The 50s

Oh my, I really own a lot of 50s patterns.



Simplicity 1201: This top would be so cute for summer.

Vogue 6984: I got this for a steal. And I think this would be very cute for lolita.

Simplicity 1283: I bought this because I wanted to have a 50s top pattern, but I am not sure if I ever make this.


Simplicity 4657: I think this skirt would be very cute, but I don't want to think about the lot of fabric I need for it.

McCall's 8634: A very straight skirt. I bought it, because it is a wrap skirt and I have less fitting problems. Maybe I make this for the winter.

Advance 5938: Already made this. It was my first vintage sewing project. I really like to wear this skirt. If I ever sew it again I will use a wider elastic.

McCall's 3842: I hunted for this pattern, when I saw a finished one on Burdastyle. I am a bit afraid to make it. It looks a bit complicated. Want to make the version with the pleats.


McCall's 3768: I think this dress looks really glamorous, but I am not sure if it will fit me. Imagined to make this for a evening at the opera.

Simplicity 3202: I liked the front detail of this pattern.

Vogue 9455: Could imagine this in a lightweight fabric for summer.

Vogue 9105: Same as the one above, but I am not sure if I can find the right fabric.


McCall's 3359: My first 50s pattern. It all started with this one. I still like it, but with my growing love for the 40s I am not so excited about it.

Simplicity 4875: I got this in a package of several patterns and it was love on the first sight. I think I could even wear this for lolita.

McCall's 9937: A simple dress, but I think this would be a good one for work.


Butterick 7897: Got this in the package mentioned above. I think this is a good basic pattern.

Simplicity 1940: I love this pattern. It's so cute. I have already fabric for the dress. I am not sure if I want to make the coat.


Simplicity 3078: I like the ideas of the collars and dickeys. You can change the look of an outfit completely with them.

Simplicity 3196: A maternity pattern. It looks so much better than what you get nowadays.

Simplicity 4862: Bought this just for the fun of it.

McCall's 1931: Again a fun pattern. Isn't it cute?



Butterick 4790: The famous walk-away-dress. Already made it and hope to get some nice photos soon.

Butterick 5605: I love the back view.

Butterick 4512: I bought this some years ago, but never made it. I am not sure if I would wear this very often.

Vogue 2902: I had to have this. Don't we all love this dress?

Montag, 23. Mai 2011

Fabric Shopping

I did a "little" fabric shopping today. Not that I really need new fabrics, but I have some projects that are important for me, for which I had nothing in my stash.


First and foremost I wanted fabric for my 20s dress. The summer party is at the end of August, but I plan to make a shooting with this dress in June. I was lucky to find something really near my imagination. I hate to go fabric shopping (or shopping in general) when I know exactly what I want. Because of course there is never the perfect thing to find. So often I end up disappointed or buying something I don´t like afterwards. But this time I think I found something fitting. The fabric is synthetic, but because of that was not too expensive. The color is a bit more bright than in the photo. I hope it will look good in the end.


In the last weeks I realised more and more that I need new trousers. The Ottobre pattern is on my list for quite some time, but I planned it for autumn. But I really want new pants now. Hope to make this next week.


Bought the white fabric to match the green one (an original 60s fabric). I have the green fabric for a while now and changed plans again and again. But I think the Macaron pattern will be a good use. So the wild fabric pattern is a bit toned down by the white one. I wanted a white swiss dot, but obviously Germany is no good place for this. But I like this fabric too.


Originally I wanted to make the bikini in polka dots, but there are none in our fabric store and at the moment I try to avoid ordering (it´s much more fun to shop local). And maybe the gingham is more classy. Want to make view 4 of the bikini top and the short pants of the pajamas to match this.


This fabric was not planned, but for 3 EUR it was allowed to come home with me. I think I can make the colette blouse out of it. At the moment blouses are just the thing I need. But I fear sewing will be horrible.

Make-up: Lips

I have to many lipsticks. Sometimes I can´t resist and buy one, even if I know I don´t need it. Don´t know what´s so special about lipcolor, but I think it´s all about the feeling. With lipstick on I feel more feminine and attractive.


1 - Lime Crime Styletto: Yes, this is a black lipstick. This is one of the colors I think I will almost never need, but I had to have it. Limecrime has great non-wearable colors. You want to have them although if you don´t want to wear them.

2 - A lipgloss I got for christmas. I am no big fan of glitter and not even of lipgloss, but sometimes even I need a little sparkle. So this stays.

3 - Rimmel: I wanted a new red and got this one. Almost never wear this now, since I have the superstay lipstick.

4 - P2 Wonderland lipgloss: I love this color. It looks so natural.

5 - Cheshire cat lipgloss: Bought out of fangirliesm.

6 - P2 Limited edition: What´s great about cheap lipsticks is that they are not so intense. So you can apply them quick in the morning. Wear this almost every day.

7 - Manhattan Limited edition: Don´t know when I bought this. At the moment I try to use it up, but often I am too lazy to use it.

8 - Lime Crime Retrofuturist: This is a great red, but because I have my superstay lipstick I don´t use it anymore.

9 - Maybelline: A simple lipgloss, because my boyfriend said, he likes glossy lips. I don´t, so I don´t wear this often.

10 - Hello Kitty: This is my favorite lipgloss. It looks really red, but not over the top.

11 - Artdeco: This is more of a berry color. I want to wear it more often, but it´s very intense and I don´t want to apply it every hour to look good.

12 - Maybelline: My superstay lipstick. I love it. Wearing red lips and eating without looking like an idiot afterwards. And my boyfriend likes it too, because he is allowed to kiss me.

Sonntag, 22. Mai 2011

Making the 20s: Preparations

There I was dreaming about the dress from "Easy Virtue" and then my company anounced the theme of our summer party: the 20s.
I am not very fond of the dress style of this time. It's not very becoming for most women. But it was fun to shop accessories and hunt for a good pattern.

One of the first things I bought was a wig. I originally wanted a bob, but all I found were too long. And then I discovered this great waterwave wig. (oh, and by the way may I introduce you to Madeleine my cute new wig head)


Then I found these awesome shoes. They are really old, but unfortunately a bit too small. I hope to survive the evening.


Today I bought some jewelry. At first I wanted to use some I already have, but when I went shopping today, I thought, why not take a glance. I found some and even a matching bracelet.


For the pattern I decided on one from the very late 20s (1929), because the silouette looks more 30s. I want to make this in green silk. Hope to find the right color, because I have a very clear image (like the one of Keira Knightley in "Atonement"). Will go to our fabric store on Monday. I want to make a muslin first. I would regret to spoil the silk. Pattern is by Eva Dress and is a bit to big for me. So I have to make some changes.


For the make-up I browsed trough "Retro Make-up" a great book on the topic. It has looks for the 20s to 60s. I think I will make something like this:


Wish me luck with the dress. I think this will be a hard one.

Samstag, 21. Mai 2011

Make-up shopping

Today I shopped some make-up, two eyeshadow sets and a lipstick. The nail polishes were also tempting, but I was a good girl and resisted.

Fashion brand community - poupeegirl

Eyeshadow and lipstick


But I couldn´t resist the eyeshadow with the name "Ballerina". I know that they mean the shoes, but I love ballet so I simply tell myself they mean the dancer. The eyeshadows are different types of brown. I think they look really good for daily use.
Stiletto has four types of green which look really good. Can imagine this for day and evening make-up. Both eyeshadows are by Manhattan & Buffalo.
The lipstick is a bright red which looks a bit glossy on the lips. It is by Mayebelline. I really like the feeling on the lips. The smell is a bit too intense for my like. I like that it looks bright, but more like a gloss, so that I can wear it for work.

Donnerstag, 19. Mai 2011

Inspiration - Easy Virtue

Some time ago, I saw a movie set in the 20s. I really had no high hopes for this. At the DVD it sounded like a marriage drama. But the movie was so clever and funny. You really feel that it is based on a theater play.

Story in short. A young man comes home to his parents estate with his wife (some years older than him). The wife is really forward to her time. She likes cars and participated in a motor race. She is everything especially the mother and the sisters of her husband dislike. The welcome is not very warm and there are some more or less funny incidents.

So the story was amusing and clever, but the costumes were hilarious. I am no big fan of the 20s as I said before, but as this is set in the late 20s around 1928 the fashion has more of a 30s feel. They even used this to characterize the women. The mother and sisters wear real 20s fashion, where the wife wears the more modern pieces. Oh, I want all of her outfits. But especially I liked the dress at the end (the great ball scene). It´s so beautiful!


Unfortunately I found no pattern that is exactly like this, but I found one by Vogue which has (for me) the feeling. Don´t know when and for what to sew this, but isn´t it a dream?


And for you to have a better picture of this movie:


Dienstag, 17. Mai 2011

Recent purchases


Got the fabric at Together it´s almost 6 m and the price was really good. I hope I can use the checked one for a 40s wrap dress. The blue one I want to use for a blouse and maybe a shirt for my boyfriend, but I am not sure if he would like that.
The left pattern I got for a really good price, so I had to buy it. I didn´t want to buy an Advance pattern again, because of the sizing problems I had with the last, but I hope this one will fit better, because it´s a size smaller.
The baby pattern was just too cute. I got it for a steal so it´s okay. And with all the children that pop up I think I can use it.
I want to make the short version of the pajama pattern as soon as possible. The top is so cute. I also want to use the shorts to match my bikini top pattern.

Montag, 16. Mai 2011


I was at my parents over the weekend to celebrate my mother's birthday. Saturday we were at the castle Augustusburg and of course we took some photos. Finally I can show you some nice pictures of my yellow 40s sundress.





The hat, bag and belt are vintage. Found them at the internet.

Dienstag, 10. Mai 2011

Look what the postman brought today

I always thought Germany was a somewhat bad place for finding affordable and nice vintage sewing things. I made the experience that (if you don´t live in a big city) the really great things are not my budget. But if you look closely you can find real gems for a good price.


This magazine I found at It came in a set with the pictured fabric and some sewing tools. At the first glance it is really boring, isn´t it?


But if you look through it, there are some great clothing pictures. I am used to something like this by Etsy and other US sites, but not here in Germany. The magazine is from 1942. There are even the again and again sew and mend articles and ads. It´s so much fun to browse through this magazine.


And the best of all is, there is a pattern sheet included and there are not only some of the garments to make, but all that are in the magazine. I think I want to make almost everything. Hopefull the sizes are not too big for me. What a great find!

Montag, 9. Mai 2011

Review: The Undies Book


Some while ago Casey blogged about this book and I knew I had to have it. I was lucky and found a copy for all in all under 20 €, which is okay when you have in mind that I don´t even live near the US.

The illustrations and styles in this book are so lovely. It´s so much fun to only look and imagine all the great things you can make.

The instructions are easy as far as I saw. I didn´t make something, but if I do I will give you a report.

I am so happy with this book. The text is easier to understand because it is from the 70s, but the styles are very much into the 30s and 40s. Can´t wait to make some of the things.


Donnerstag, 5. Mai 2011

Outfit idea Nr. 1

I like to plan some outfits I can wear someday. From now on I hope to show you the one or the other.


I made this dress last year, but only wore it once. It seemed that nobody liked it. But I think, I give it a second chance and wear it this summer. The hat gives it a vintage feeling and the shoes should make the shape a bit more wearable.

Sonntag, 1. Mai 2011

What I made in April 2011

Fashion brand community - poupeegirl

40s Sundress

: Yellow and white striped quilting cotton
Vintage Advance 4904
Time to complete:
5 hours
First worn:
April 2011
Wear again?
Defintely yes

The sewing was a bit frustrating, because the size was much too big. Don´t know why. It was my size, but somehow it didn´t fit at all. But after I changed it, it was wearable. It looks quite nice worn with a belt. Unfortunately the belt I used left stains on the fabric. Sorry for the bad picture, but my dolly is a bit bigger than me and I just couldn´t get it on. Hopefully I can make some worn photos soon.

Fashion brand community - poupeegirl

Emmeline Apron

: Gingham
Sew Liberated 103
Time to complete:
2 hours

I was inspired by the Sew Weekly Apron week and had to make one too. Unfortunately I don´t really wear aprons so I fear this will only hang somewhere.

Fashion brand community - poupeegirl

40s Dress

: Polyester
Vintage Simplicity 2907
Time to complete:
7 hours
First worn:
April 2011
Wear again?
Defintely yes

The only thing I hated while sewing was the fabric. It´s so slippery. Generally I hate polyester, but the print was so nice I couldn´t resist. I like the outcome. It´s also comfortable to wear. Photos worn were posted here. Maybe I make this someday again in a better fabric.

Fashion brand community - poupeegirl
Fashion brand community - poupeegirl
Fashion brand community - poupeegirl


: Cotton and Polyester
Ottobre 2/2011 Nr. 9
Time to complete:
each 2 hours
First worn:
April 2011
Wear again?
Defintely yes

This was the pattern of the month. The first was a spontan project. I bought the fabric originally for my Emmeline apron, but then changed my mind. After I made this I remembered my 40s fabric I was not sure what to make with. The buttons of this are vintage too. And I have a matching hat and lipstick.
The third is made of the leftovers of my 40s dress. I like to get rid of leftovers as soon as possible, because I have no more room in my fabric stash.
I like to wear these blouses. They have a vintage feeling, look elegant, but also casual. They are also comfortable for work.

Fashion brand community - poupeegirlFashion brand community - poupeegirl


: Cotton
Time to complete:
each 1/2 hours

The brown one I made for my Mom as a birthday present. I hope she liked it. Of course I had to make one for myself too. So I used the leftovers of the apron. These necklaces are really easy to make and also fast.