Montag, 23. Mai 2011

Make-up: Lips

I have to many lipsticks. Sometimes I can´t resist and buy one, even if I know I don´t need it. Don´t know what´s so special about lipcolor, but I think it´s all about the feeling. With lipstick on I feel more feminine and attractive.


1 - Lime Crime Styletto: Yes, this is a black lipstick. This is one of the colors I think I will almost never need, but I had to have it. Limecrime has great non-wearable colors. You want to have them although if you don´t want to wear them.

2 - A lipgloss I got for christmas. I am no big fan of glitter and not even of lipgloss, but sometimes even I need a little sparkle. So this stays.

3 - Rimmel: I wanted a new red and got this one. Almost never wear this now, since I have the superstay lipstick.

4 - P2 Wonderland lipgloss: I love this color. It looks so natural.

5 - Cheshire cat lipgloss: Bought out of fangirliesm.

6 - P2 Limited edition: What´s great about cheap lipsticks is that they are not so intense. So you can apply them quick in the morning. Wear this almost every day.

7 - Manhattan Limited edition: Don´t know when I bought this. At the moment I try to use it up, but often I am too lazy to use it.

8 - Lime Crime Retrofuturist: This is a great red, but because I have my superstay lipstick I don´t use it anymore.

9 - Maybelline: A simple lipgloss, because my boyfriend said, he likes glossy lips. I don´t, so I don´t wear this often.

10 - Hello Kitty: This is my favorite lipgloss. It looks really red, but not over the top.

11 - Artdeco: This is more of a berry color. I want to wear it more often, but it´s very intense and I don´t want to apply it every hour to look good.

12 - Maybelline: My superstay lipstick. I love it. Wearing red lips and eating without looking like an idiot afterwards. And my boyfriend likes it too, because he is allowed to kiss me.

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