Dienstag, 10. Mai 2011

Look what the postman brought today

I always thought Germany was a somewhat bad place for finding affordable and nice vintage sewing things. I made the experience that (if you don´t live in a big city) the really great things are not my budget. But if you look closely you can find real gems for a good price.


This magazine I found at Ebay.de. It came in a set with the pictured fabric and some sewing tools. At the first glance it is really boring, isn´t it?


But if you look through it, there are some great clothing pictures. I am used to something like this by Etsy and other US sites, but not here in Germany. The magazine is from 1942. There are even the again and again sew and mend articles and ads. It´s so much fun to browse through this magazine.


And the best of all is, there is a pattern sheet included and there are not only some of the garments to make, but all that are in the magazine. I think I want to make almost everything. Hopefull the sizes are not too big for me. What a great find!

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