Montag, 26. April 2010

Challenge - results

What a week! I am so glad it´s over XD So here is my report about my "sewing week":

Monday: Good start, I worked on the purple dress and everything went smoothly. I made some changes, because of some mistakes I made, but overall I am really happy with the outcome (my boyfriend is not XD it´s too unsexy).

Fashion brand community - poupeegirl

Purple dress


Tuesday: I was really proud of myself, because I started late, but the bag was ready, when I had to go to my ballet lesson. Now I finally have an unique and matching bag for my ballet things. I love the fabric and the cut of the bag. Only difficult thing was the zipper.

Fashion brand community - poupeegirl

Ballet bag


Wednesday: I was really productive, because I made the string (no photo of my underwear in the internet, sorry) and the shoe clips. Cute quick projects.

Fashion brand community - poupeegirl

Shoe clips


Thursday: My lovely Japanese fabric arrived this week and I grabbed the opportunity to sew a skirt out of it. I struggled a bit with the pattern, but I like it nonetheless.

Fashion brand community - poupeegirl

Mom skirt


Friday: I was lazy and skipped the blouse. Instead I made another string. XD

Saturday: My book and the meet-up made me busy and I sewed nothing. Bad girl!

Sunday: To rescue the day before I sewed two skirts of fabric I shouldn´t have bought. I started really late and was so happy when they were finished. I like them both. And I like the pattern. Maybe I make more skirts like these.

Fashion brand community - poupeegirl

Punk skirt


Fashion brand community - poupeegirl

Strawberry skirt


So in the end 8 things in 7 days is not bad. XD

Montag, 19. April 2010

Challenge - Sew something everyday

Because I am crazy and was so lazy the last weeks, I make a challenge with myself this week. I want to sew something everyday. Hopefully it works. Here is my plan:

Monday: purple dress, because spring has finally come and I work in the purple office DONE

Tuesday: bag for my ballet things to use the great ballet fabric I got a while ago DONE

Wednesday: Undies, because I need something small when I work till 6 p.m. (and you have never to many XD)DONE

Thursday: shoe clips, I discovered this a while ago and I think it´s such a cute idea and a good way to use some scraps DONE time for a skirt DONE

Friday: blouse that I cutted such a long while ago and never sewed FAILED

Saturday: hair accessoiry, because I have a meet-up and no time FAILED

Sunday: I am open to this, maybe a skirt if my fabric arrives or the kimono skirt, we will see DONE

I show you the results next week.

Montag, 12. April 2010

Sewing from scraps

I have here so many fabric scraps, I really have to make something out of them. It would be a shame to throw them away.

So here are some ideas:

- a quilt
- little bags
- key chains
- fabric flowers
- book cases
- CD bag
- hair accessoiry
- shoe clips

Do you have any ideas?

Montag, 5. April 2010

Easter Give-away

As Easter gifts I sewed these cuties.


I saw this idea at another blog and immediately fell in love. Each matroshka has a different back fabric.


Now three of them still wait for an owner. The first three people who write a coment to this entry will get one. I will send it to you via post.



Happy Easter!