Montag, 19. April 2010

Challenge - Sew something everyday

Because I am crazy and was so lazy the last weeks, I make a challenge with myself this week. I want to sew something everyday. Hopefully it works. Here is my plan:

Monday: purple dress, because spring has finally come and I work in the purple office DONE

Tuesday: bag for my ballet things to use the great ballet fabric I got a while ago DONE

Wednesday: Undies, because I need something small when I work till 6 p.m. (and you have never to many XD)DONE

Thursday: shoe clips, I discovered this a while ago and I think it´s such a cute idea and a good way to use some scraps DONE time for a skirt DONE

Friday: blouse that I cutted such a long while ago and never sewed FAILED

Saturday: hair accessoiry, because I have a meet-up and no time FAILED

Sunday: I am open to this, maybe a skirt if my fabric arrives or the kimono skirt, we will see DONE

I show you the results next week.

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