Montag, 29. August 2011

New fabric and patterns

Last week I bought some new fabric and by and by my ordered patterns came.


First is this flower fabric. It was the reason to go to the fabric shop, because I needed fabric for the McCall pattern. I finished the shorts today. I liked that they did go together well, but they are really really short. Tomorrow I plan to make a matching Sorbetto top.



There was sale at the fabric store and I couldn´t resist these two fabrics. The beige one is perfect for an easy skirt. Maybe I use this 70s pattern. The flower fabric is a very lightweight cotton. It feels so good. I want to make another Sorbetto out of this.


Today my Lisette pattern came. I thought about buying new fabric for it, but then I remembered I have this 50s fabric laying around. Want to make this next week.


These two patterns I ordered with the Lisette one. Both were patterns I laid my eyes on for quite a while, but never bought, because I am not sure if I will ever make them. But now they are mine and maybe some day I will use them.

My plan for autumn sewing is to use up as much fabric as possible from my stash. Unfortuately I have already two projects I need new fabric for. One is a 50s sailor dress and the other the Circle skirt sewalong at Casey´s. At least I should stop buying patterns.

Montag, 22. August 2011

Sewing old


I found this darling at ebay and had to have it. It´s a "Seidel & Naumann" sewing machine from 1931. It´s in a very good shape and does function. I am so excited to have it finally. Can´t wait to try it out next weekend.

Montag, 15. August 2011

Small things

At the moment I have not so much time for sewing. I am really sad about this, because I have so many great plans, but after work there is so little time and at the weekends I am at my boyfriend´s home. I have a sewing machine there, but no hot iron and I can´t sew without this. I try to finish a skirt for three weeks now.
But at least I managed to make some small things.


First a birthday card for my boyfriend´s grandmother (the sewing one). She´s the one, who gives me all the great sewing stuff. I like her a lot. She is such a nice person and we have many things in common. I made the cake out of some scraps from my Lonsdale dress (which I wore at the birthday party, but I realized it only after the evening was over and we were on our way home). The candle is made of felt. The card and the paper are also things I had on hand. Recycling can be so sweet.


And then I made a little fascinator after Mena´s great tutorial. I made it out of felt. The words are hand stitched (I know I am not very good at this). It can be worn as a fascinator (with a clip) or a brooch.
I wore it to our second anniversary. My boyfriend bought some really expensive champagne. It was a very nice evening.

Montag, 8. August 2011

Recent purchases


When I saw this skirt at Casey´s blog, I had to have the pattern. I know it´s a really simple one, but I really like the details. And who doesn´t need some new skirts? Shop


I was swimming last weekend and then I thought, how cool such an old style swim cap would be. I was lucky to find one at etsy. Shop



Then I bought some jewelry. I wanted sort of these pieces for ages. Shop 1, Shop 2


And how cool is this notebook? There are even figure drawings you can use for your creations.

I can´t wait for all these things to arrive.

Montag, 1. August 2011

Review: Sewaholic Lonsdale Dress


I recently made the Lonsdale dress by Sewaholic Patterns. It was such a great sew. As soon as I got the pattern I bought fabric. I decided on a nice floral cotton, which even has a bit of stretch.

I cutted the fabric Friday and made the sewing Saturday morning. When my Mom came 12 o´clock I was finished.

The pattern looks a bit complicated at first, but with the great instructions it comes together really fine. I really had no big problems. Even the pockets were easy.

I really love the fit of the dress. It looks so summery and is so comfortable. At the moment I could wear it everyday. So I want to make one again.