Mittwoch, 27. Februar 2013

Vintage Life Magazine

I recently discovered the Vintage Life Magazine and got myself a subscription and some back issues. This magazine is full of vintage fashion, make-up, home decor and everything else vintage. There are essays about actresses or general history topics, styling how-tos, recipes and a lot of great photos. I enjoyed each issue. It's like a Cosmopolitan only about times past.

You can order single issues or subscriptions from their website Shipping is worldwide.

Samstag, 23. Februar 2013

Vintage Find: Scarves


I always admired the people who put on a scarf and look fabulous. Around the neck or as hair accessory, a scarf can really make an outfit. But I have to admit that I am not much of a scarf wearer. To change this I started to buy some cute vintage scarves from etsy. They were not very expensive and I choose them mainly for color. I hope they will fit into my wardrobe. At the moment my favorite of the four is the green one with the roses. It is so elegant and makes me think of spring. Now all I have to do is incorporate these cuties in my outfits.

Dienstag, 19. Februar 2013

Montag, 18. Februar 2013

A petticoat and Domestic Sluttery


I finally bought myself a nice 50s style petticoat. It is from Doris Designs. I bought the longest one (26'') in peach, only to realize that I have almost no dresses it fits under (even with the one dress I originally bought it for it doesn't work). But I love it and it will work with some future projects. Especially the color is so pretty.



The petticoat is very full and makes the iconic 50s shape. I hope you can see it with this dress, it was the only one I liked with the petticoat.


The petticoat is made out of nylon which is really soft. They offer a wide range of sizes and colors. The shipping from UK was very fast. And the petticoat comes in a fabric bag you can also use for storing.


With such a girlie outfit I needed something proper to read. So I enjoyed Domestic Sluttery. It's a very funny book. The tips are not ground-breaking, but some are helpful (also mostly nothing new). The author covers home decor, cooking, styling and tips for traveling and shopping. It's a nice bit of everything. The book has great pictures and some really yummy recipes. I can't wait to try some of them out. There are recipes for breakfast, lunch, baking and cocktails. The book is not a must-have, but it is nice to have.


Outfit rundown:

dress ~ selfmade, Simplicity 4984 (vintage)
Petticoat ~ Doris Designs
Stockings ~ What Katie Did
Shoes ~ Jumex (from ebay)

Freitag, 15. Februar 2013

Valentine's Day


I hope you all had a nice Valentine's Day. Mine was okay. I had my last exam for this semester and felt a bit ill afterwards (had quite a headache and was so sleepy). So I had a relaxed afternoon and evening with my boyfriend.


Fortunately I made his present already last week. I found this idea here and liked it so much. It's a jar filled with ideas what to do for a date. I thought this would be the right thing, when we are clueless what to do at the weekend.


For this I bought the sticks and the colors at Amazon. It was a bit time consuming, but otherwise easy. The glass I had already at home.

I think my boyfriend liked the idea. If it will be in use very often, time has to proof.


And I also got presents. My Mom really went crazy and bought me two books and a blu-ray from my wishlist on Amazon. And lots of chocolate. The frog box I got from my boyfriend. So besides the headache and the exam I was a really happy girl yesterday.

Dienstag, 12. Februar 2013

Besame Crimson Cream Rouge


I treated myself to this little gem. It's the popular cream rouge by Besame Cosmetics. I ordered this from What Katie Did, when I shopped for stockings (I want to make a review of these for ages (I ordered the first stockings last year and am obsessed with the options since then), but I have to wait, till the weather gets better and I can really test them with daily wear). With 22 $ it's no bargain, but after I read so much good things about it, I had to have it.

So let's begin with the packaging. I love everything about it. The image on the box, the vintage writing and of course the great red tin. It's all so lovely and well made. I really feel like buying something original from past ages. The tin makes me smile whenever I see it.


On to the product. I used it the first yesterday. On my cheeks I really liked it. The application was easy. I only used my fingers. It looked really natural. On my lips it was a bit difficult. It looked a bit strange. But maybe I only have to get used to the application. When I apply it with my finger I don't hit my lip shape right. But I will practice this. Otherwise this looks also really natural on the lips and I think it's great if you want some color, but lipstick is too much.
You can also apply this with a lip brush for more color, but I haven't tried this yet.

My only negative point is, that I have some problems with closing the tin. The top fits really tight and I always have to try a bit, till it's closed. But otherwise I love it. I think the amount will reach for ages and I will keep it in my handbag. It's a great product! I am thinking about getting their powder compact some time in the future, when my Revlon powder is finished.

Samstag, 9. Februar 2013

Baby Cashmerino


I finally knit something. These cute things are for a fellow student, who will have a baby this summer. Because we don't know yet if it will be a boy or a girl I chose a creamy white. The wool is baby cashmerion from Debbie Bliss. It's so soft. It was so much fun to knit this and I learned some new things. The things were also quick to knit, so perfect for a beginner.

The patterns I used were from the first Knittygritty book. I think it's a great book. I already made one scarf from it for my Grandma.

I hope the receiver will like them.

Projects at Ravelry: here and here

Donnerstag, 7. Februar 2013

Thrifting in Germany


So thrifting is the big (not so) new thing. I think it is a cool thing and always admire the great finds others make. I already buy a lot old stuff online but today I thought I try out our local second hand store. And because it was on my way home I made a short visit. So what should I say, it was a big disappointment.

First the most things they had were not near my size. I especially was on the hunt for cardigans and sweaters, but I only found three things I liked and these were not so special. They mostly had H&M and such stuff. And for this I thought most things too expensive. I ended with this green cardigan which is not my color, but I liked the style and it fitted (and I hope I can wear it with my dresses). One sweater I really liked (red with fair isle) was a bit too small unfortunately. This was the only piece I really liked.

Second they had a very cute fur jacket on display. It was the first reason I visited the shop at all. So I asked for the price and suprise ... it was not for sale. Are you kidding me? I understand that in a clothing shop a decoration like let me say flowers is not for sale, but clothing. Really this is not nice. I had this already at an antique store and it made me angry then (but there the hat in question was in a corner, so it was somewhat okay), but here the jacket is in their window for everyone to see. I feel a bit cheated, like the jacket wants to say "Look we have nice things, but you can't have them". Why do they do this?

So I am a bit upset about this trip. The jacket case outshines the nice cardigan I bought. Maybe I am also a bit more sensitive because I am not feeling so well (my whole body hurts and ballet lessons made it not better). Maybe I am only too picky or I don't have the imagination, but for the prices I really want more. I can get some nice things for the same money if there is a sale at H&M and it's mostly the same stuff, because at the second-hand store they have mostly current brands.

But all in all I think we have not the best options for used clothing here in Germany. Maybe it's better if you live in a city like Munich or Berlin, but also there I think the prices are higher than in the US or UK (where all the great thrifters live). You don't get here a nice 80s dress you can refashion for 1 EUR and I am not willing to pay 15 EUR and more for something I have to refashion. For this money I can buy some nice fabric which is easier.

So I think I will stick to etsy for some nice second-hand pieces even if it costs more, but then I know I will like it. There is one more shop here in my city and maybe I'll try this one in the future. If I do I will report.

So sorry for the rant but I had to get this off my chest.

Sonntag, 3. Februar 2013

Turban Headband


To keep my ears warm with this nasty weather outside especially at the days I can't wear my beret (when I have my hair in a ponytail or ballet bun) I thought about making a headband. I saw some of these turban headbands online a while ago, but never got around to make one. But after my ears hurt so much of the cold one day and after I saw a girl wearing one of these at the street, I had to try make one.


Fortunately I had enough jersey fabric at home. After a bit of time and a knot in my brain this was a real quick project. And it's really cozy and looks so much better than a plain headband.