Donnerstag, 7. Februar 2013

Thrifting in Germany


So thrifting is the big (not so) new thing. I think it is a cool thing and always admire the great finds others make. I already buy a lot old stuff online but today I thought I try out our local second hand store. And because it was on my way home I made a short visit. So what should I say, it was a big disappointment.

First the most things they had were not near my size. I especially was on the hunt for cardigans and sweaters, but I only found three things I liked and these were not so special. They mostly had H&M and such stuff. And for this I thought most things too expensive. I ended with this green cardigan which is not my color, but I liked the style and it fitted (and I hope I can wear it with my dresses). One sweater I really liked (red with fair isle) was a bit too small unfortunately. This was the only piece I really liked.

Second they had a very cute fur jacket on display. It was the first reason I visited the shop at all. So I asked for the price and suprise ... it was not for sale. Are you kidding me? I understand that in a clothing shop a decoration like let me say flowers is not for sale, but clothing. Really this is not nice. I had this already at an antique store and it made me angry then (but there the hat in question was in a corner, so it was somewhat okay), but here the jacket is in their window for everyone to see. I feel a bit cheated, like the jacket wants to say "Look we have nice things, but you can't have them". Why do they do this?

So I am a bit upset about this trip. The jacket case outshines the nice cardigan I bought. Maybe I am also a bit more sensitive because I am not feeling so well (my whole body hurts and ballet lessons made it not better). Maybe I am only too picky or I don't have the imagination, but for the prices I really want more. I can get some nice things for the same money if there is a sale at H&M and it's mostly the same stuff, because at the second-hand store they have mostly current brands.

But all in all I think we have not the best options for used clothing here in Germany. Maybe it's better if you live in a city like Munich or Berlin, but also there I think the prices are higher than in the US or UK (where all the great thrifters live). You don't get here a nice 80s dress you can refashion for 1 EUR and I am not willing to pay 15 EUR and more for something I have to refashion. For this money I can buy some nice fabric which is easier.

So I think I will stick to etsy for some nice second-hand pieces even if it costs more, but then I know I will like it. There is one more shop here in my city and maybe I'll try this one in the future. If I do I will report.

So sorry for the rant but I had to get this off my chest.

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