Montag, 18. Februar 2013

A petticoat and Domestic Sluttery


I finally bought myself a nice 50s style petticoat. It is from Doris Designs. I bought the longest one (26'') in peach, only to realize that I have almost no dresses it fits under (even with the one dress I originally bought it for it doesn't work). But I love it and it will work with some future projects. Especially the color is so pretty.



The petticoat is very full and makes the iconic 50s shape. I hope you can see it with this dress, it was the only one I liked with the petticoat.


The petticoat is made out of nylon which is really soft. They offer a wide range of sizes and colors. The shipping from UK was very fast. And the petticoat comes in a fabric bag you can also use for storing.


With such a girlie outfit I needed something proper to read. So I enjoyed Domestic Sluttery. It's a very funny book. The tips are not ground-breaking, but some are helpful (also mostly nothing new). The author covers home decor, cooking, styling and tips for traveling and shopping. It's a nice bit of everything. The book has great pictures and some really yummy recipes. I can't wait to try some of them out. There are recipes for breakfast, lunch, baking and cocktails. The book is not a must-have, but it is nice to have.


Outfit rundown:

dress ~ selfmade, Simplicity 4984 (vintage)
Petticoat ~ Doris Designs
Stockings ~ What Katie Did
Shoes ~ Jumex (from ebay)


  1. Wow, das erste Foto! Hammer.

    Der Petti sieht ordentlich plüschig aus. Wenn du ein passendes Kleid dazu hast, freue ich mich auf Fotos!

  2. Wow, der ist ja fluffig. Und die Farbe. Und das erste Bild bombt einfach alles weg!

  3. Total cuteness!! (You AND the dress and the petticoat and the shoes...!)