Sonntag, 24. April 2016

New Simplicity Patterns

I know another pattern post, but it is not my fault, that all the big companies release their patterns at the same time. So here are my thoughts on some of the new Simplicity patterns:


I know Simplicity is huge with costumes, but a Lolita costume. Really? As a former lolita fashion enthusiast, I am a bit offended. This looks not like a normal lolita dress. With the deep neckline they destroyed the lolita aesthetic. Although I have to say, that the fabric choice is nice. The pattern would make a nice normal summer dress, but I hope this pattern does not inspire new lolitas. And I just don't want to talk about the ridiculous bonnet.


I really want to like this new pattern by Dottie Angel, because I have the first one and it is so cute. But to be honest, I do not. For me it looks like an accident. The pattern has an odd fit. It reminds me of something from those Japanese sewing mooks (of which I have some, but rarely make something from). The styling is also not very appealing.

A cute 1970s dress. The cut is really interesting. It is a very cute dress. Nothing I will make, but cute to look at.


I am a bit confused with this pattern. Who would wear such a thing? It looks like you threw on your grandmother's underwear, but not in a 70s romantic kind of way. Maybe I lack the imagination to see the potential of this pattern.


I have a deja-vu with this pattern. It looks almost exactly like the top from the new Gertie playsuit. This is a cute 50s pattern. I like that it has some variations. Other than that it is nothing spectacular and not very practical for everyday life.


The little one spotted this pattern, while I was browsing and wanted to let you know that these are "teddy". Now I probably have to buy this, only because of sentimental value (but these are really some cute bears, and they have clothes, too).


Lauren from American Duchess released her first patterns. Congratulations! It is a costume pattern for an Outlander dress. I have to admit I watched Outlander and was not a huge fan. The story is kind of lacking in my opinion. But to each their own. I know there is a huge fan base for Outlander so it made sense for Simplicity to release a pattern. The patterns are really nice. They are great for starters in historical costuming or people who only want to make a costume for an event. Lauren already announced a blog series about pattern hacks to make these more historical correct. I am really looking forward to this.


This pattern would have been my dream 10 years ago, when I was really in all things Japanese. It is a very nice cosplay pattern. There are so many characters who wear these kind of school uniform. You only have to adapt the pattern to your needs. Now I am tempted to buy this and make myself a cosplay.


This swimwear pattern is really interesting. It has built in pants. It is a shame, that it looks much better on the drawings than on the model. But this is a common problem with vintage patterns. The drawings on the envelopes are not even close to reality.


A pattern for little boys! And a vintage one! But the little one is almost too big for this. He would probably fit into the biggest size, but not for very long. Why are children growing so fast? But I will most likely buy this pattern nonetheless, because it is so darn cute.

Mittwoch, 20. April 2016

The new Butterick patterns Summer 2016

So yesterday I ended up checking the Butterick website and they had some new patterns. I am not a huge fan of Butterick patterns, because a) mostly the garments look strange on the models, b) they have weird fabric choices (but Simplicity is not better in this regard) and c) they just don't fit me so well (with Simplicity I can normally sew the garment with no alterations and I am lazy). But here are some of my thoughts on the new patterns:

Gertie has three new patterns in this collection. This one is almost a copy of the famous Sabrina dress. They even made a matching fabric in Gertie's fabric line. I really like Gertie and how far she made it, but I am no huge fan of her designs. Not because I find them ugly, but simply because they don't suit me. I wish I could pull off a halter less dress, but I simply can not. I think the bust part is a bit strange, but other than that this is an amazing dress for evening wear, but I would never make or wear such a dress, so I probably won't buy this pattern.

Gertie recently mentioned on her blog, that she fell in love with dirndls while being in Germany. This was already a bit visible in 6322, but this one is a normal German Trachten dress (Trachten meaning a kind of style here in Germany that is inspired by native costumes (like dirndls)). It has the typical silhouette of a dirndl, but lacks the blouse (or better said, the blouse is combined with the top) and the apron. And what should I say? I like it and could imagine making one up. So this pattern is a maybe.

The classical playsuit. I like the design and that you can mix and match the different pieces. But I have to say that I already have most of the pieces in other patterns. And I would like it better, if the top would be a bit longer. So I will save my money on this.

This is my favorite of the new patterns. It is not revolutionary, but I think it is so cute. And for once the dress looks fine on the model (although a bit big in the waist). I really like the little collar. And isn't the hat thing amazing? This would make a great everyday dress and when you want to dress it up, you can make the hat, too. I definitely want this pattern.

Lisette is now at the Butterick team. I would never have thought, she would design swim wear. This one is a cute bikini or swimsuit. Really retro inspired. The bow is a cute detail. As I promised myself to never sew swimwear again (because I just don't need it, it is a waste of time and money), I will skip this pattern. But I think, it would make a nice swimwear pattern if you are into this.

When I saw this dress on the overview site, I thought it was totally boring. I clicked on it nonetheless (not sure why, maybe because I thought it would make a nice basic dress, not that I have enough of these type of patterns) and then I noticed the back view - a wrap over back. What a great detail! It is a shame they did not use this as the photo on the overview page. The pattern reminds me a bit of this Simplicity one (because of the open back, but to be honest, the Simplicity version would be the designer one and Butterick like the one you could buy at H&M, nothing wrong with H&M, just saying). The Butterick dress seems to be a bit easier to make. And you could also made a jumpsuit. I could do without the elastic waist in the back, but other than that, I really like this pattern. Maybe I will add it to my stash.

A kind of child version of the aforementioned pattern, except that it is not a dress, but two pieces. Really cute and I bet many little girls would like it. But again not one pattern for little boys! Please Butterick there are boy's Moms out there who love to sew and want to make something cute for their little rascals.

Sonntag, 17. April 2016

Animalium by Katie Scott and Jenny Broom


I have been sick since last Wednesday, so please excuse me for not taking outfit pictures. I am sure you would not want to see how sick I can look. The weather is also not behaving. It was rainy and cold the whole weekend.


But the only good thing about being sick and stuck with a toddler is, that you have time to bring out some books. And because the little one is now a bit gentler with books we can also bring out non-board-book-books, hooray! I have to admit I really like a lot of board books, but normal children's books are so much more interesting (although surprisingly expansive here in Germany). So I rediscovered this gem of a book, Animalium (or in German Animal Museum).


The book is about animals (surprise) and a bit about evolution. It is made like one of these old museums, where you would have all the displays with the animals and some text about them. The pictures are amazing. They really look old, despite being made specifically for the book. I love it! The pictures alone make this book worth the buy. And it is great for children of all ages. The small ones can look a the pictures and discover all the animals and the older ones can make use of all the scientific background given. And even adults will enjoy looking trough the book and discover new (or old) things.

There is also a book about history, one about evolution and an activity book in this series. You can bet these are all on my wish list.

Mittwoch, 13. April 2016

Fox Shirt (Ottobre 6/2014)


I made this shirt as a birthday gift for the little one. The fox fabric I bought ages ago from a Korean shop on Etsy. It was quite expensive and I only got a small amount because of that. So I wanted a pattern which would use not to much of it.


The sweater from Ottobre 6/2014 was perfect. I could use another fabric for the sleeves and neck band and what was even even better I could sew the whole shirt on my serger, so no need to get out the twin needle. Because, you know what, I hate sewing with a twin needle. The last few times it was always a disaster. With one project I destroyed three of these darn things, which are so expensive. One day I will buy a cover lock machine and then I can sew knits so much better and quicker!


The sewing was easy. I did not make the top stitching, but it turned out fine. Unfortunately the sweater was still a bit big (maybe because it is already a child size and no baby size), but the little one liked it nonetheless and did not want to take it off. Mission accomplished!

PS.: Yeah, I was too lazy to iron the shirt after washing, because priorities! So please forgive the wrinkles.

Sonntag, 10. April 2016

Another Nettie and a Fail


Shortly before Christmas I made another Nettie Dress. The Nettie is a really quick and easy pattern, but somehow I am able to even mess this up.

This time I made the high neckline. My plan was to wear it with some cute Christmas accessory, which I did and all was well. Until I washed it. Because, of course I forgot to prewash the fabric and it did shrink quite a bit. So now the dress is much to short to wear it on its own. Deserves me right!

But maybe it is not so bad. Because I could really need a simple black top. It would go well with my patterned skirts.


I am not sure if I will make this neckline or even the Nettie again. I made a third one, which was also a fail (which had nothing to do with the pattern, but more on that coming soon). I am not totally sold on the fit, but am too lazy to make changes. I want to try some other patterns out. A Renfrew is already cut and waiting to be sewn.


Oh and on another note, how cute is this necklace? As soon as I saw it on Instagram, I had to have it. It shows all eight planets of our solar system (poor Pluto), but in a subtle way. I love it!


Top/Dress - self-made
Skirt - H&M
Tights - Ernstings Family
Necklace - Eclectic Eccentricity
Shoes - Deichmann

Mittwoch, 6. April 2016

Fabric Ideas

So from the money I got for Easter and because the European Simplicity site has a sale at the moment, I bought some of the patterns on my wish list. And to kill the time until they arrive I thought I search for some nice fabrics for some designs and share them with you.

Simplicity 1366


I found this pattern by accident and thought the blouse would be a really quick make. The Liberty print fabric would make it much more interesting, despite the simple cut. I am not so sure about the skirt, but I think it would look great in this red silk.

Simplicity 8086


I could imagine this dress in either this great abstract Amy Butler fabric or a cute floral print. The mustard color of both fabrics would make it ideal for spring to autumn.

Simplicity 8085


This simple wrap dress would look cute in the bird fabric, but I would also love it in this red dot fabric.

Simplicity 8073


For practicability a denim fabric would be perfect for this apron dress. But for fun the bee fabric would be awesome.

Sonntag, 3. April 2016

A Bookish Dress (New Look 6262)


I love books. I love to read. So it was time to show my love with a matching dress. I found this amazing book fabric by Alexander Henry (Somerville Study). It has all of my favorite colors and is easy to match with most of my things.


For the pattern I again made my trusted New Look 6262. So everything was easy and quick. I really like the dress. It looks really cute and is so easy to combine. When I wear it today I even got a compliment.