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The new Butterick patterns Summer 2016

So yesterday I ended up checking the Butterick website and they had some new patterns. I am not a huge fan of Butterick patterns, because a) mostly the garments look strange on the models, b) they have weird fabric choices (but Simplicity is not better in this regard) and c) they just don't fit me so well (with Simplicity I can normally sew the garment with no alterations and I am lazy). But here are some of my thoughts on the new patterns:

Gertie has three new patterns in this collection. This one is almost a copy of the famous Sabrina dress. They even made a matching fabric in Gertie's fabric line. I really like Gertie and how far she made it, but I am no huge fan of her designs. Not because I find them ugly, but simply because they don't suit me. I wish I could pull off a halter less dress, but I simply can not. I think the bust part is a bit strange, but other than that this is an amazing dress for evening wear, but I would never make or wear such a dress, so I probably won't buy this pattern.

Gertie recently mentioned on her blog, that she fell in love with dirndls while being in Germany. This was already a bit visible in 6322, but this one is a normal German Trachten dress (Trachten meaning a kind of style here in Germany that is inspired by native costumes (like dirndls)). It has the typical silhouette of a dirndl, but lacks the blouse (or better said, the blouse is combined with the top) and the apron. And what should I say? I like it and could imagine making one up. So this pattern is a maybe.

The classical playsuit. I like the design and that you can mix and match the different pieces. But I have to say that I already have most of the pieces in other patterns. And I would like it better, if the top would be a bit longer. So I will save my money on this.

This is my favorite of the new patterns. It is not revolutionary, but I think it is so cute. And for once the dress looks fine on the model (although a bit big in the waist). I really like the little collar. And isn't the hat thing amazing? This would make a great everyday dress and when you want to dress it up, you can make the hat, too. I definitely want this pattern.

Lisette is now at the Butterick team. I would never have thought, she would design swim wear. This one is a cute bikini or swimsuit. Really retro inspired. The bow is a cute detail. As I promised myself to never sew swimwear again (because I just don't need it, it is a waste of time and money), I will skip this pattern. But I think, it would make a nice swimwear pattern if you are into this.

When I saw this dress on the overview site, I thought it was totally boring. I clicked on it nonetheless (not sure why, maybe because I thought it would make a nice basic dress, not that I have enough of these type of patterns) and then I noticed the back view - a wrap over back. What a great detail! It is a shame they did not use this as the photo on the overview page. The pattern reminds me a bit of this Simplicity one (because of the open back, but to be honest, the Simplicity version would be the designer one and Butterick like the one you could buy at H&M, nothing wrong with H&M, just saying). The Butterick dress seems to be a bit easier to make. And you could also made a jumpsuit. I could do without the elastic waist in the back, but other than that, I really like this pattern. Maybe I will add it to my stash.

A kind of child version of the aforementioned pattern, except that it is not a dress, but two pieces. Really cute and I bet many little girls would like it. But again not one pattern for little boys! Please Butterick there are boy's Moms out there who love to sew and want to make something cute for their little rascals.

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