Mittwoch, 13. April 2016

Fox Shirt (Ottobre 6/2014)


I made this shirt as a birthday gift for the little one. The fox fabric I bought ages ago from a Korean shop on Etsy. It was quite expensive and I only got a small amount because of that. So I wanted a pattern which would use not to much of it.


The sweater from Ottobre 6/2014 was perfect. I could use another fabric for the sleeves and neck band and what was even even better I could sew the whole shirt on my serger, so no need to get out the twin needle. Because, you know what, I hate sewing with a twin needle. The last few times it was always a disaster. With one project I destroyed three of these darn things, which are so expensive. One day I will buy a cover lock machine and then I can sew knits so much better and quicker!


The sewing was easy. I did not make the top stitching, but it turned out fine. Unfortunately the sweater was still a bit big (maybe because it is already a child size and no baby size), but the little one liked it nonetheless and did not want to take it off. Mission accomplished!

PS.: Yeah, I was too lazy to iron the shirt after washing, because priorities! So please forgive the wrinkles.

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