Mittwoch, 25. Mai 2011

Vintage Patterns: The 50s

Oh my, I really own a lot of 50s patterns.



Simplicity 1201: This top would be so cute for summer.

Vogue 6984: I got this for a steal. And I think this would be very cute for lolita.

Simplicity 1283: I bought this because I wanted to have a 50s top pattern, but I am not sure if I ever make this.


Simplicity 4657: I think this skirt would be very cute, but I don't want to think about the lot of fabric I need for it.

McCall's 8634: A very straight skirt. I bought it, because it is a wrap skirt and I have less fitting problems. Maybe I make this for the winter.

Advance 5938: Already made this. It was my first vintage sewing project. I really like to wear this skirt. If I ever sew it again I will use a wider elastic.

McCall's 3842: I hunted for this pattern, when I saw a finished one on Burdastyle. I am a bit afraid to make it. It looks a bit complicated. Want to make the version with the pleats.


McCall's 3768: I think this dress looks really glamorous, but I am not sure if it will fit me. Imagined to make this for a evening at the opera.

Simplicity 3202: I liked the front detail of this pattern.

Vogue 9455: Could imagine this in a lightweight fabric for summer.

Vogue 9105: Same as the one above, but I am not sure if I can find the right fabric.


McCall's 3359: My first 50s pattern. It all started with this one. I still like it, but with my growing love for the 40s I am not so excited about it.

Simplicity 4875: I got this in a package of several patterns and it was love on the first sight. I think I could even wear this for lolita.

McCall's 9937: A simple dress, but I think this would be a good one for work.


Butterick 7897: Got this in the package mentioned above. I think this is a good basic pattern.

Simplicity 1940: I love this pattern. It's so cute. I have already fabric for the dress. I am not sure if I want to make the coat.


Simplicity 3078: I like the ideas of the collars and dickeys. You can change the look of an outfit completely with them.

Simplicity 3196: A maternity pattern. It looks so much better than what you get nowadays.

Simplicity 4862: Bought this just for the fun of it.

McCall's 1931: Again a fun pattern. Isn't it cute?



Butterick 4790: The famous walk-away-dress. Already made it and hope to get some nice photos soon.

Butterick 5605: I love the back view.

Butterick 4512: I bought this some years ago, but never made it. I am not sure if I would wear this very often.

Vogue 2902: I had to have this. Don't we all love this dress?

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