Sonntag, 22. Mai 2011

Making the 20s: Preparations

There I was dreaming about the dress from "Easy Virtue" and then my company anounced the theme of our summer party: the 20s.
I am not very fond of the dress style of this time. It's not very becoming for most women. But it was fun to shop accessories and hunt for a good pattern.

One of the first things I bought was a wig. I originally wanted a bob, but all I found were too long. And then I discovered this great waterwave wig. (oh, and by the way may I introduce you to Madeleine my cute new wig head)


Then I found these awesome shoes. They are really old, but unfortunately a bit too small. I hope to survive the evening.


Today I bought some jewelry. At first I wanted to use some I already have, but when I went shopping today, I thought, why not take a glance. I found some and even a matching bracelet.


For the pattern I decided on one from the very late 20s (1929), because the silouette looks more 30s. I want to make this in green silk. Hope to find the right color, because I have a very clear image (like the one of Keira Knightley in "Atonement"). Will go to our fabric store on Monday. I want to make a muslin first. I would regret to spoil the silk. Pattern is by Eva Dress and is a bit to big for me. So I have to make some changes.


For the make-up I browsed trough "Retro Make-up" a great book on the topic. It has looks for the 20s to 60s. I think I will make something like this:


Wish me luck with the dress. I think this will be a hard one.

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