Dienstag, 17. Mai 2011

Recent purchases


Got the fabric at Ebay.de. Together it´s almost 6 m and the price was really good. I hope I can use the checked one for a 40s wrap dress. The blue one I want to use for a blouse and maybe a shirt for my boyfriend, but I am not sure if he would like that.
The left pattern I got for a really good price, so I had to buy it. I didn´t want to buy an Advance pattern again, because of the sizing problems I had with the last, but I hope this one will fit better, because it´s a size smaller.
The baby pattern was just too cute. I got it for a steal so it´s okay. And with all the children that pop up I think I can use it.
I want to make the short version of the pajama pattern as soon as possible. The top is so cute. I also want to use the shorts to match my bikini top pattern.

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