Donnerstag, 19. Mai 2011

Inspiration - Easy Virtue

Some time ago, I saw a movie set in the 20s. I really had no high hopes for this. At the DVD it sounded like a marriage drama. But the movie was so clever and funny. You really feel that it is based on a theater play.

Story in short. A young man comes home to his parents estate with his wife (some years older than him). The wife is really forward to her time. She likes cars and participated in a motor race. She is everything especially the mother and the sisters of her husband dislike. The welcome is not very warm and there are some more or less funny incidents.

So the story was amusing and clever, but the costumes were hilarious. I am no big fan of the 20s as I said before, but as this is set in the late 20s around 1928 the fashion has more of a 30s feel. They even used this to characterize the women. The mother and sisters wear real 20s fashion, where the wife wears the more modern pieces. Oh, I want all of her outfits. But especially I liked the dress at the end (the great ball scene). It´s so beautiful!


Unfortunately I found no pattern that is exactly like this, but I found one by Vogue which has (for me) the feeling. Don´t know when and for what to sew this, but isn´t it a dream?


And for you to have a better picture of this movie:


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