Montag, 23. Mai 2011

Fabric Shopping

I did a "little" fabric shopping today. Not that I really need new fabrics, but I have some projects that are important for me, for which I had nothing in my stash.


First and foremost I wanted fabric for my 20s dress. The summer party is at the end of August, but I plan to make a shooting with this dress in June. I was lucky to find something really near my imagination. I hate to go fabric shopping (or shopping in general) when I know exactly what I want. Because of course there is never the perfect thing to find. So often I end up disappointed or buying something I don´t like afterwards. But this time I think I found something fitting. The fabric is synthetic, but because of that was not too expensive. The color is a bit more bright than in the photo. I hope it will look good in the end.


In the last weeks I realised more and more that I need new trousers. The Ottobre pattern is on my list for quite some time, but I planned it for autumn. But I really want new pants now. Hope to make this next week.


Bought the white fabric to match the green one (an original 60s fabric). I have the green fabric for a while now and changed plans again and again. But I think the Macaron pattern will be a good use. So the wild fabric pattern is a bit toned down by the white one. I wanted a white swiss dot, but obviously Germany is no good place for this. But I like this fabric too.


Originally I wanted to make the bikini in polka dots, but there are none in our fabric store and at the moment I try to avoid ordering (it´s much more fun to shop local). And maybe the gingham is more classy. Want to make view 4 of the bikini top and the short pants of the pajamas to match this.


This fabric was not planned, but for 3 EUR it was allowed to come home with me. I think I can make the colette blouse out of it. At the moment blouses are just the thing I need. But I fear sewing will be horrible.

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