Montag, 18. April 2011

Make-up: Eyes

Mostly I lay my focus on the lips so I have not so many eye things, but in the last time I try to experiment a bit.


My two eyeliners are very old and I don´t use them much. Same goes for the Alverde eyeliner gel. I recently bought a Artdeco eyeliner. Maybe I post a review of it as soon as I used it a bit more often. I am really a novice with eyeliner. Often I only use eyeshadow to do the job.
The eyeshadow base is a must if I wear eyeshadow the whole day. It does not hold all day, but definitely longer.


1 - H&M eyeshadow palette: Great for daily make-up. There is a little how-to on the back and I think it looks really good.

2 - P2 Wonderland collection: I like green for the eyes. Don´t use this much, but sometimes I need a little color.

3 - Manhattan Limited edition: I use this a lot, because it is applied fast in the morning and looks good. I have the matching nail color for both shades.

4 - Artdeco: I am still getting used to this. The color is really intense, which is good for an evening make-up, but not for the day. I hope that Artdeco will release some new shades that I like in the future.

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