Donnerstag, 7. April 2011

Outfit: 07.04.2011


I thought I´d post an outfit photo once a while, when I wear something selfmade. This blouse I finished yesterday. Could you imagine I bought the fabric to made an apron out of it? Was at the fabric store Tuesday and wanted to buy fabric for the Emmeline apron, which is a reversible one. I thought of vichy for one side and polka dots for the other, all in red. But they had no dots. So I bought this flower fabric. But then on my way home I thought it was far too nice to make an apron out of it. Nothing against aprons, but it´s nothing I normally wear. More a fun item. And then I had this blouse pattern in mind from the latest issue of Ottobre. So I sewed the blouse on Tuesday and bought and added the buttons yesterday. Of course I had to wear it today. And I thought why not make it vintage. So I added my 50s skirt and the heels. Was fun to wear this outfit!

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