Montag, 11. April 2011

Sewing Productivity

Tilly recently wrote about a project about sewing productivity in her blog. I know her problem very well. I have so many plans and fabric I want to sew, but it seems there is no time for it. But it´s only a thing of time management. So I will analyse the next weeks how much time I spend sewing and what I do the rest of the time. And hope I get some ideas to improve my sewing habit.

More infos here:

Edit: As a result the one big thing that hinders me from sewing is my own lazyness. There are often so many others things I prefer to sewing (especially if the sewing project is complicated or time consuming), internet, reading, friends and so on. But I think, there has to be room for these things in my life too. And sometimes I think I have so many clothes I really don´t need this new blouse or dress and at least I don´t need it now. So maybe I should calm down, sew when I feel like and enjoy it more. There is only one thing I want to try - use also small time. Sometimes I have only half an hour and then say it´s not worth to make something, but it could be this half hour that helps me, when I finish the project. And with my timeplan this would be a great improvement.

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