Samstag, 8. Februar 2014

Photojojo University

I already talked about the Photojojo book and a bit about their webshop. So in this shop they also offer a kind of photography course for smartphones. You can decide if you want a course for Iphone or Android. I took the one for Android. Then you get an email with instructions twice a week for a whole month. Each email contains tips and information to take better photos with your phone and at the end you find a challenge. If you want you can upload your challenge photo to instagram with the hashtag PJuniversity.

The course was nice. It was like the Photojo book and website all about the fun. Unfortunately it did not help me too much with taking better photos. Most information I already knew or were not useful for me. For some techniques you need special apps. I don't think I will take much better pictures now then before the course.  If you want to learn about new apps, maybe this course is for you, but other than that I think, taking pictures and experimenting with what you have is better.

But here are my photos:

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