Montag, 28. März 2011

Vintage Patterns: The 30s

I have to admit although I really admire the wonderful couture techniques of the 30s it´s not really my style. Maybe it´s to costumy for normal wear. I like vintage looks, but I don´t want to look like I stepped right out of a museum. So despite of this, two repro 30s patterns stole into my stash:


I saw the dress sewn by some other blogger and immediately fell in love. In her version it looks really modern and wearable for everyday. So I give this a try.

The vest was just too cute. And I could imagine this well with my normal wardrobe. And you can never have too many vests. Hope to sew this in autumn or winter this year.

The patterns are both by Eva Dress. They have alot of reproduction patterns from different decades.

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