Montag, 14. März 2011

Review: Essence Better than gel nails


Essence recently launched a new product called Better than gel nails. I had the luck to grab the last set at my local drogery store. The set contains the nail tips, a nail file, nail tip glue, base sealer, top sealer and remover.

Applying: It was not so hard as imagined. The tip size was okay. I only had the problem, that I needed the same size for two fingers. The gluing was a bit fiddle, but even me could manage it. Next steps were easier. All in all it was a bit time consuming. Perfect for a weekend.

Wearing: At first I was not so happy with the look. For me French nails look a bit extreme. Normally I wear bright colors. So this is a personal thing. Wearing was okay. I had no strange feeling with the tips.
At the package they say, it holds up to 10 days. I applied it at a Saturday. The first nail tip came off Wednesday. At Friday I had to take off the rest. I think a week is not so bad, especially with all the things I make with my hands. Office life can be really cruel to nails and sewing too.

Taking off: This was a bit annoying, but all in all easy. It take a bit longer than they wrote, but after 10 minutes all was off. The nails and fingers felt a bit strange afterwards.

In the end for 10 € I am very satisfied with this product. It looks good several days. Wearing was not unnerving like I feared. So I will use them again, if our shops ever get the nail tips, because you need new ones every time.

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