Donnerstag, 17. März 2011

Me-Made-March: Day 16 & 17

Tag 16

I finished my 50s dress and of course had to wear it, when I went to my ballet practice. I was very successful this day, finished not only the dress, but also my Regency stays and bonnet.
Had some problems to find a second selfmade item I could combine, but then I remembered this Jacket. It´s horrible made, but looks cute.

Tag 17Tag 17

Today is St. Patrick´s Day and I unintentionally sewed a green dress. Could not wear it, because I sewed it after I came back home. The fabric I also bought only today. I also get some shoes for my dress for tomorrow.
The outfit today was simple because I only went into the city to buy ribbon and fabric. Wanted to wear the cape, because I bought the fabric in the same shop and they are always interested to see, what you made out of it.

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