Dienstag, 1. März 2011

Me-Made-March: Day 1

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Todays outfit is inspired by 40s fashion. I discovered this skirt in my closet. Made it for our summer party at work (see here) and never wore it since. Which really is a shame. It´s so comfortable and looks so classy. Pattern is Beignet by Colette patterns. Yesterday I made my hair in curls. Tried some new methods and I really like the outcome. The blouse is one of my first pieces. Sewed it together with my Mum.

Sorry for the bad pic with bad background. My boyfriend was so nice to take it this morning before I had to go to school. I still can´t believe that I had time for make-up, dressing, making my hair and taking photos and got my tram at seven o´clock.

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