Freitag, 4. März 2011

Exhibition: Veronika der Lenz ist da

Here in Halle there currently is an exhibition about the 20s. It´s all about lifestyle and fashion. I was there yesterday with my boyfriend.

They have many dresses and accessoires. The things are so beautifuly made, but I had to realize at the moment it´s really not my style. But never say never.

They had some information about Halle at the time. The dresses were sort by occassion. I loved the swimwear. Oh, and they had so many cute hats. Wish I could have tried them on. Another highlight for me was the typewriter (I am a secretary by heart) and the stockings. It´s so fascinating how fine the dresses were made. All these tiny embellishments.

So if you have the opportunity to visit this exhibition, I really recommend it to you. The prices are really low, as always in the Kunstforum Halle.

Unfortunately you were not allowed to make photos, so here only one from the outside.


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