Sonntag, 13. März 2011

Me-Made-March: Day 11 & 12

Tag 11

I really like this blouse. It´s not my usual style and not my color, but I like it nevertheless. The skirt really is a wardrobe stable. I definitely need more black skirts.

Tag 12

I made these shorts a long while ago and wore it only once. Somehow I then didn´t like the look. I rediscovered them and now I like them a lot and think that they match my current style. The outfit is a bit crazy with flowers and check and these hippie shoes (found them on sale for 7 €), but somehow I like it.
This week I love my hair. The curls (or later waves) looked good every day.


  1. I'm doing MMM too! I like your second outfit, the shorts pattern is very flattering .. aber am besten mag ich die Schuhe!! 7 Euro... wow!