Donnerstag, 3. März 2011

Review: Sew Stylish


When I read that one of my favorite bloggers contributed to the current issue of the Sew Stylish magazine I had to buy it. I have to say that the shop site and shipping costs are quite okay for international costumers.

The magazine is mostly about technique. You can learn a lot about changing patterns and in this issue about hems. Then there are some articles about remodel thrifted clothing. I think the ideas were interesting, my problem is, that I really don´t like most of the finished garments.

All in all this is more for beginners, but even experienced sewers can learn something out of it. I don´t regret buying it, but will not buy future issues.


  1. I agree about the styles, I also disliked many of the finished garments, but the dress by Grosgrain was really charming, won't you agree? That was the only reason I bought the issue in the first place. So, I will stick with Threads magazine in future :-)

  2. how professional are they about changing patterns? because i change patterns quite a lot but more the trial an error way and i'd like to see how it's done properly.

  3. @Marina: Yes, the dress by Grosgrain was the only pretty one. I saw it at her blog before and admired it.

    @Glittermuffin: They had some tipps about pattern changing, but not so many that I say, it´s worth to buy this mag. Maybe a good book about this would be better and maybe even cheaper.