Donnerstag, 3. März 2011

Me-Made-March: Day 3


After I got some inspiration about the 20s from the movie yesterday (Easy Virtue) I visited an exhibition about fashion and lifestyle of this time today (will post about it tomorrow). As I wished to look more like a Flapper girl I realized I really have no selfmade 20s like dresses. So I stayed with elegant and wore my second beignet skirt. I got many compliments at work for the skirt. Sewed it last year in September and never wear it since. I think my style really changed till then, because now I love to wear my skirts over my blouses.
For a change another blouse today. I wear it not so often, but love the fabric. It´s a Japanese pattern.
Bad thing today was, that the heel of my boot broke. I am a bit angry because the shoes were really expensive.

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