Sonntag, 24. April 2016

New Simplicity Patterns

I know another pattern post, but it is not my fault, that all the big companies release their patterns at the same time. So here are my thoughts on some of the new Simplicity patterns:


I know Simplicity is huge with costumes, but a Lolita costume. Really? As a former lolita fashion enthusiast, I am a bit offended. This looks not like a normal lolita dress. With the deep neckline they destroyed the lolita aesthetic. Although I have to say, that the fabric choice is nice. The pattern would make a nice normal summer dress, but I hope this pattern does not inspire new lolitas. And I just don't want to talk about the ridiculous bonnet.


I really want to like this new pattern by Dottie Angel, because I have the first one and it is so cute. But to be honest, I do not. For me it looks like an accident. The pattern has an odd fit. It reminds me of something from those Japanese sewing mooks (of which I have some, but rarely make something from). The styling is also not very appealing.

A cute 1970s dress. The cut is really interesting. It is a very cute dress. Nothing I will make, but cute to look at.


I am a bit confused with this pattern. Who would wear such a thing? It looks like you threw on your grandmother's underwear, but not in a 70s romantic kind of way. Maybe I lack the imagination to see the potential of this pattern.


I have a deja-vu with this pattern. It looks almost exactly like the top from the new Gertie playsuit. This is a cute 50s pattern. I like that it has some variations. Other than that it is nothing spectacular and not very practical for everyday life.


The little one spotted this pattern, while I was browsing and wanted to let you know that these are "teddy". Now I probably have to buy this, only because of sentimental value (but these are really some cute bears, and they have clothes, too).


Lauren from American Duchess released her first patterns. Congratulations! It is a costume pattern for an Outlander dress. I have to admit I watched Outlander and was not a huge fan. The story is kind of lacking in my opinion. But to each their own. I know there is a huge fan base for Outlander so it made sense for Simplicity to release a pattern. The patterns are really nice. They are great for starters in historical costuming or people who only want to make a costume for an event. Lauren already announced a blog series about pattern hacks to make these more historical correct. I am really looking forward to this.


This pattern would have been my dream 10 years ago, when I was really in all things Japanese. It is a very nice cosplay pattern. There are so many characters who wear these kind of school uniform. You only have to adapt the pattern to your needs. Now I am tempted to buy this and make myself a cosplay.


This swimwear pattern is really interesting. It has built in pants. It is a shame, that it looks much better on the drawings than on the model. But this is a common problem with vintage patterns. The drawings on the envelopes are not even close to reality.


A pattern for little boys! And a vintage one! But the little one is almost too big for this. He would probably fit into the biggest size, but not for very long. Why are children growing so fast? But I will most likely buy this pattern nonetheless, because it is so darn cute.

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  1. Where did you see those new patterns? I went to check the Simplicity website after seeing your post but I don't find them there... :s
    I totally agree with you about the "lolita" pattern! If only people could stop mixing it with "sexy girly", it would be nice... :( The skirt part of the dress is nice though.
    I like the last two vintage patterns you're showing. And I'm curious about the Dottie Angel one, I'd like to see the line drawings.
    Thanks for sharing your likes and dislikes, it's nice to see new patterns and fun to discuss them.