Sonntag, 1. Mai 2016

A Cherry Sorbetto


I made this Sorbetto quite a while ago, but never got around to make photos. For this blouse I reused an old Lolita dress I did no longer wear. Here is a really old photo, in case you are interested:


I thought it a shame to have this dress sit in my closet and decided to make a blouse out of it. I changed the neckline of the Sorbetto pattern and added some sleeves. Now it is a bit more complicated to get into, but I like it better this way. Until now I did not wear it more often than before, but hopefully now that summer comes and I have some more skirts to wear it with, this will change. To be honest, white is not my most flattering color, so this will never be a favorite, but it is cute and I like it.


Blouse - selfmade
Skirt - H&M
Tights - H&M
Boots - Ebay

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