Mittwoch, 25. Mai 2016

Vintage Party Dress


As soon as I saw this fabric by Michael Miller (it is called Glitz) I knew I had to make a dress out of it. It is a border print in metallic gold, how amazing!

As a pattern I used vintage Simplicity 4984, which I already made some years ago. After I finished this version I remembered why I did not wear the other dress very often. The top is very pretty, but also a bit restrictive at the arms. But okay, that's fine for a party dress (but not perfect, when there is a toddler around). I changed the skirt and simply gathered a large rectangle. I like the skirt much more this way.

It is a lot of fun to whirl around in this dress. Unfortunately it is not something for everyday wear, but I wore it last weekend at the diamond wedding of my boyfriend's grandparents (60 years of marriage, how awesome is that? And they are still happy and very healthy).


Dress - self-made
Hat - vintage
Stockings - What Katie Did
Shoes - Agnes & Norman

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