Mittwoch, 11. Mai 2016

A Bettine with Flamingos


Last summer I was on a hunt for all things mint green. I liked the color before, but somehow there were not many things to buy. And then I stumbled on this gorgeous fabric, after researching the Bettine pattern. I had to have it. Mint green and flamingos, perfect!


The sewing of the dress was easy. There are no closures, but an elastic in the waist. The fabric was a bit more difficult to sew than my beloved cottons, but it was okay. What I love about the fabric (besides the print) is, that it is so soft. I could touch it the whole day. After sewing the dress, I even have some leftover, so maybe I can make a blouse out of it.
I am not totally satisfied with the pattern. The skirt is a bit tight at the bottom for my liking. But overall I like the dress. Only downside is, that this really is a summer dress. And of course before I had finished this last year, summer was almost over. So I only wore it once last year. Hopefully I will get a bit more wear out of this dress this year. I already wore it twice!

The feather necklace is from a Mollie Makes Kit. I sorted through these kits last weekend and stumbled upon this necklace. It fits this dress so perfectly! It was a quick and easy make and I love the finished necklace.


Dress - self-made
Necklace - self-made from Mollie Makes 44 kit
Hair flowers - H&M
Earrings - can't remember
Shoes - T.U.K.

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