Sonntag, 27. März 2016

My little Easter Bunny


First of all I wish you all a Happy Easter Weekend. I hope you have a nice time and the Easter Bunny brings you something sweet.

For our Easter cards this year I decided to make the little one a bunny hat. This blog post was the main inspiration. So I got the "Little Things to Sew" book and got to work. I used the leftover fabric from the fox costume as the main fabric and some fabric I had in my stash for quite a while (I bought this from the sales pile with no project in mind). The sewing was so easy. I just lengthened the ears. The pattern is really well constructed. Not even my thick fabric was a problem.


After the cute hat (which is still a bit big for the little one, next time I should take into account that he has a small head like me) I thought how fun would be matching pants. So I pulled out my Ottobre magazines and searched for an easy pattern. I wanted something quick with an elastic waistband. These pants are meant for baby girls, but they are okay. The waistband sits a bit low, but I was not in the mood to rip it out and sew it again.


Getting a nice photo of the little one was such a hassle. I planned to buy some spring flowers to put in this Ikea vase for him to hold (I love this vase so much I bought the small and the middle one), but in the flower shop they had only flowers which were not blooming yet. So next time I should make sure to buy the flowers beforehand. Maybe next year.
And because the little one had nothing to hold onto, he was like a whirlwind. He did not stand still long enough so that I could focus. It was not helpful that there was a steep hill nearby which he wanted to climb over and over again.


In the end I got a fantastic photo merely by chance. I love this photo very much, because he looks wild and energetic, like he is most times. I am really sorry I can't show it to you, but deleting his face from the picture would really ruin it.

What do we learn from this: A) plan ahead B) give a toddler something to hold onto when you want him to stand still and C) if all else fails just snap photos and hope for the best (I normally go with option C).

Now I only hope my little easter bunny will like his presents. Have a nice Sunday!

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