Mittwoch, 16. März 2016

Fox Birthday Party


Last weekend we celebrated the little one's second birthday. I decided to do a fox theme. It was so much fun to put all the stuff together. Fortunately foxes are a bit on trend right now so it was not too difficult. I did not go for a woodland style, but tried to stay with orange, black, white and gold as colors.


For place cards I printed out these foxes and wrote the names with gold watercolor. They were a bit hard to read, but I liked them nonetheless.


The first thing I finished were these napkin rings from the Mollie Makes Woodland Friends book. They were really easy to make and look so cute.


Some hours before the party I even finished three of these knit foxes. The pattern is by Mochimochiland. They were so easy and quick to knit.


My boyfriend and I baked two cakes this year. At first we did not even want to make any, but then I discovered the recipe for the orange cake in the last issue of my favorite cooking magazine and had to make it. The A-cake was also not planned. I was searching for an A shaped baking form for quite a while now, but was not lucky. But then two weeks before the party I discovered this form on Amazon UK and it even arrived on time. So we also made this cake. Both were delicious.

We also made a balloon garland I forgot to photograph (duh!). I bought fox shaped cookies (which came with other woodland animals and guess which animal was the rarest in the bags) and gummy foxes (cola flavored, yummy!).

We had much fun at the party. It was much more relaxed than last year, now that the little one gets older and plays more independently. He got a lot of books, because he already has so much toys. I can't really say what he liked best. He got a cleaning set from Melissa and Doug which he immediately had to unpack and play with. Small children are so cute!

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