Montag, 6. Januar 2014


I was really happy, that for last christmas I got some selfmade presents done.

First I made these cute ornaments for my parent's advent calendar. The design is by Wild Olive and I even ordered the matching felt. It was a lot of work to do. It took me a whole day to make these, but I think the outcome is worth all the work. I even have left over enough felt to make a set for myself for next christmas.





For my Mom I made these Downton Abbey embroideries, because she really likes this series. I was a bit afraid of the faces, but I think they came out well. I think my Mom really liked these. Anna and Mr. Bates are our favorite characters from the show. I have bought another set of characters as well, so hopefully one day, I can make some for myself.



I also made an embroidery for my Grandma, but forgot to photograph it. Maybe I am able to take a picture when I next visit her.

Overall I am happy I managed to make these presents. The only thing I did not accomplish was something for my boyfriend.

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  1. What lovely work! The ornaments are cute, and I think the embroidered characters from Downton Abbey turned out great! I can tell that is Anna and Mr. Bates. I really like those characters too. :)