Montag, 4. Juli 2011

Vintage Patterns: The 70s

Although the 70s are not my favorite decade I think some of the styles are really nice. I like the long flowing dresses in soft colors and the cute short simple dresses. Some things are a bit funny, but that makes them even better.


Simplicity 7434 - Some years ago I bought a original 70s dress. I ever thought it was selfmade and now I discovered the exact pattern. I am not sure if I make one, because I already have this, but it was too tempting to have the pattern.

Simplicity 8746 - I got this for a good price and had to have it. The dress is great for summer and I think it will be easy to sew. I like the different collars. Maybe I even make the trousers.

Simplicity 5525 - Another fun pattern. Want to make a leotard for ballet out of this.

Simplicity 5465 - Don´t know why I bought this. It somehow caught me. For me it´s one of the funny things, because of the apron. But it´s so cute. Maybe I really make this.

Simplicity 8199 - I want this for summer. It would be so much fun to wear this while sitting in the garden after a fresh up in the river (I love swimming in the river). I like the trousers too, my boyfriend might like them even more.

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