Montag, 25. Juli 2011

Review: Patrones Extra


A while ago I bought the new Patrones. It´s a special edition with only summer things. All in all it is nice. I love the photos. They are very artistic. Sometimes you can´t see the fit and style of the clothes well, but I really like eye-candy.
Some of the patterns are really interesting, at others it is more the fabric choice that makes the things special. I had hoped for some more patterns I really want to make, but all in all there are not so many that are my style.
But enough words, here are my favorites:


I love this dress. The fabric is gorgeous. I am not sure if I could find an affordable fabric for this. I don´t want to spend too much on this kind of dresses, because I hardly wear long skirts.


I like the shorts, because they are so simple. And don´t you think these huge sleeves on the blouse are gorgeous?


I already have a plan for the blue top. I have an old jersey dress I no longer wear and I hope I can make this shirt out of it.


I think this would be a good summer jacket. But I would lengthen the sleeves.