Montag, 18. Juli 2011

Holiday 2011 - Day Three


The weather was really nasty. It was cold and it rained a lot. But we were at the beach for some time. I wore my 30s beach pajama by Wearing History patterns. I made finished it the day before we went. Sewing it was not very difficult. And I really like the fabric. I got it for in the sale for only 3 EUR/m. It was much fun to stroll at the beach in this outfit. The sand was so nice and soft.


It´s sad that all the things you can visit here are very expensive. So we stayed indoors most of the day. My boyfriend made a segway tour. And we took a long walk at the beach and in the city. There was a huge shoe sale, but only my boyfriend bought some shoes. If it was not for the weather it was a nice day.


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