Freitag, 22. Juli 2011

Holiday 2011 - Day Seven

The last day of our holiday trip. We visited the Neues Museum. There are exhibited things of Heinrich Schliemann, Greek and Roman art, Egyptian things of all kinds and of course the famous statue of Nefertiti (which was so beautiful). The huge complex (the museum island) is gorgeous. You can even visit it as a little park. The buildings are all very impressive.


I wore my 40s Vogue dress with new shoes. I am not very fond of flat shoes, but I thought they were better for a museum trip.


Our trip home was relaxed. I was a bit sad that all was over, but also happy to be at home again. In the evening I left for my own home. It felt strange to be alone. All in all it was a nice holiday, far from perfect, but it was good to be away for some days. Oh, and here is a photo of my souvenirs:


In the background you can see the silk scarf, then there are the scarf for my Mom and the teas. The Egyptian pendant is for my Grandma. The book is from the fashion museum and on it lay the earrings. And of course there are the shoes.

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